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In this 6 month certification, you will learn how to ignite your intuition and empower others to find inner peace and alignment. After completion, you will have everything you need to successfully launch your own business and achieve freedom. 

What is SoulStrong Intuitive Coaching?

SoulStrong is a 6 month, combination of online and retreat style learning to help you launch your coaching career. 


Is SoulStrong Intuitive Coaching For me?


  • You know part of your mission is to help others
  • You want to live a life you love with freedom to work online
  • You find people are magnetizied to you 
  • Your intuition is a key part of who you are are
  • You want to deepen your own transformation & healing journey

Everything You Need To Become A Successful Intuitive Coach

In addition to a commitment to meditation, attending the online teaching sessions and attending the three retreats / workshops, the following are the core 23 modules

✔ SoulStrong Intuitive FRAMEWORK & Universal Introduction & "‘Why SoulStrong?’

✔ GUIDING PRINCIPLES and First Steps  Business: Your Ideal Coaching Business, Life and Client

✔ The Body is Everything’ - Self Love, The Fat Layer and intuition, How to teach fostering respect and self-love. Why SoulStrong clients must love their bodies.

✔ Meet your BRAIN (neurobiology & neurochemistry), Understand your DNA (epigenetics, and SoulStrong Perspectives on root causes. Business: Intake forms, first steps, find your first client. Why you don't need to be perfect or 'fully healed' to be an incredible coach.  How to work with self-confidence on your platform.

✔ Neuroplasticity, Emotions, Meaning Making, Story Making, POLYVAGAL Theory. Meditation Teaching Certification Begins: Why intuition hinges on mindfulness

The power of thoughts, radical remissions and Healing

✔ Shine, Intuition, Letting go of 'trying'.  How to teach your clients to live life this way.

✔ INTUITION INTENSIVE 2 DAY RETREAT - a two day deep dive into healing, meditation and intuition. Hosted at the SoulStrong Retreat Centre in Kelowna BC

✔ The Chakra System in Coaching, Teaching an intuitive body scan

✔ Your intuition and your client’s intuition. Business: Case discussions

✔ Sabotage, inner child and payoff aspects. 

✔ Control & Surrender, how to coach true surrender and trust. 

✔ Mindfulness, why this is IMPERATIVE for intuitive work and progress. Guest lecture on the Buddha with Tiara Letourneau

✔ DAYLONG MEDITATION RETREAT - A one day intensive for coaches 'meditating for intuition' certification.

✔ Coaching Skills - Client discussions / support, imposter complex. Business: revisit your ideal client, your website creativity etc.

✔ Coaching Skills - 5 Questions for Sessions Ongoing

✔ Coaching Skills - Public Speaking - 2 Hour Workshop Online - public speaking & your message

✔ Coaches Cocoon- Imposter Complex, Support. Your people are Waiting. Retreats - Healing, Support, Community

✔ Marketing: Websites & Online Booking

✔ Running Retreats under The SoulStrong Banner - The SoulStrong formula for successful retreats


✔ Marketing Integration - Your coaching platform

✔ Private Sessions Exit Interviews with Dr. Haile.

Life is busy, you are juggling so many things, what is the time investment?  

The 6 months require a significant investment of time. Coaches are expected to meditate daily, read any manual materials, attend the weekly online sessions and attend three retreats/workshops.  Intuitive work requires time to work through the healing and expansion that arises.  We recommend allocating 5hrs weekly for studies, meditation time and extra integration time / down time. 


What is the investment of money?

We believe in you, and we don't want money to be a limiting factor. We use a training model with a yearly fee afterwards for being under the SoulStrong banner and using the program modules & handouts for your clients, and continued education and support from Dr. Haile & the Lead Coaches.  The total costs are for all teaching and intensive retreats is 3320CAD and is broken down as follows: 

 • Base training cost of 420CAD per month

 • 2-Day Intuition Intensive Retreat (560CAD)

 • 1-Day Meditation Intensive Retreat (120CAD)

 • Half-Day Marketing Workshop (120CAD)




We offer a variety of payment options, and most commonly selected is a 12 month payment plan of 276 month.  We also offer as many discounted scholarship rates as possible.   For someone we believe will be an incredible coach, we will work something out!  So please reach out to us!

What happens after I complete my certification? You will:

• Gain access to a private coaches community, getting all the support from peers 

• Be added to the SoulStrong list of coaches, so new clients can find you

• Be able to lead your own retreats with our easy to follow formula 

• Teach meditation with the SoulStrong method

• Receive discounted sessions working with Haile for advanced intuition work

• Opportunity to become a lead coach and mentor upcoming coaches 

Live a Life You Truly Love 

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