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A Life Coaching Certification Unlike Any Other 
Mind, Body
 & Soul Included

Intuition is the way of the future. 
Find out how this program was created by Dr. Haile Michaelson, and why it is the most powerful, transformative training available. 

SoulStrong was created to move you forward from the place you are at right now, through the transformation you are craving, to the life, health and purpose you have been imagining and preparing to create.

What is Intuitive Coaching?
We believe in empowering people to ignite their own deepest wisdom & intuition, shifting to a truly aligned, intuition-directed life. 
Healing, self-actualization, and the highest levels of wellness require intuition-centred steps.  We believe each person has the ability to learn to listen to this instinct, find balance, health and ultimately a life they love. 
Dr. Haile Michaelson brings an incredible curriculum and team of experts to this certification, with cutting edge teachings on mind, body & soul. 
The SoulStrong Intuitive Coaching Certification is for you if:
✔ You know part of your mission is to help others, or you are already in a healing profession.
✔ You are looking for training in a powerful, new kind of coaching, where soul is a part of the whole.
✔ You want to live a life you love with freedom to work in a variety of ways.
✔ You find people are magnetized to you 
✔ Your intuition is a key part of who you are are
✔ You want to deepen your own transformation & healing journey
How is this Training Different and Cutting-Edge?

Comprehensive Mentoring & Training with retired integrative doctor, Haile Michaelson.  A truly in-depth mind body soul curriculum:

  • Your teachers are experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, clinical counselling, and business.  Dr. Haile brings her clinical background to teaching the body, the brain and nervous system and how intuitive work, and we believe excellence in coaching REQUIRES this knowledge.   Please see below for all the topics and modules.

  • All sessions are taught LIVE rather than pre-recorded, because our teaching staff are intuitive. They dive deep with you to teach every single module

  • We teach real, truly deep embodied intuition.  The magic of this is what makes an effective, successful and powerful coach. 

  • We are unafraid to venture into topics that go further than mind-body medicine, and into soul and spirit.  The wold needs to go there and we are leading the way.

More than just coaching

  • You will learn and be certified in meditation teaching (SoulStrong method) 

  • You will have the option to certify in Retreat Leadership and be able to host SoulStrong retreats for your clients.

Business Tools and Advanced Business Support

  • Coaches are supported to start their website, social media and marketing strategies to set up their coaching platform and begin attracting their clients. You will have step by step hand-holding to launch your platform and business.  And optional extra training from SoulStrong's MBA Business Mentors.
Beyond Training, Support for Coaches


  • You will be given intake forms, handouts and access to SoulStrong program PDFs to coach your clients through programs

  • You will have access to SoulStrong parters for logos, online booking, professional headshots and editors

  • You will be able to join our community and be able to receive referrals and support ongoing.​


The World Needs Intuition


What does the Certification Entail?

This entire certification can be done remotely and from your home.
All lectures are taught LIVE via Zoom (no pre-recorded lectures) because our teachers are intuitive. 
There is a prerequisite step to applying which is The Foundations course, or having completed a SoulStrong program with a coach who must recommend you.
You can follow the steps below for an application package beginning with booking a free 15min phone call with our team.
The course has two levels to complete with a 2-day retreat in the middle.  Weekly zoom sessions are recoded and there are reading and meditation assignments throughout.
All lectures are live, and are recorded and you will be asked to watch any that are missed within 7 days.
Investment of Time for Certification
The 6 months require an investment of time reading, doing a daily meditation practice and attending the zoom sessions. The are expected to meditate daily, read any manual materials, attend the weekly online sessions and attend three retreats/workshops.  Intuitive work requires time to work through the healing and expansion that arises.  We recommend allocating 5hrs weekly for studies, meditation time and extra integration time / down time. 
Cost of Training
If we believe in you, we don't want money to be a limiting factor. We use a training model with a monthly fee afterwards for being under the SoulStrong banner and using the program modules & handouts for your clients, and continued education and support from Dr. Haile & the Lead Coaches.  Please discuss finances with us if you need something outside of the below options.
The costs for the core modules are broken down as follows: 
 • Level 1 - 1500$ - 2 months of intensive intuition training (weekly sessions on Zoom and daily group chat support with Haile and the lead instructors).  See the syllabus in your application package for all the modules and meditation practice guidelines.
• The Intuition Intensive weekend retreat is mandatory to complete between level 1 and level 2 of training. This retreat will be offered in various locations and you can visit our events page for upcoming listings and pricing. Accommodation and travel are not included.  This event cannot be taught via zoom and requires an encapsulated retreat experience to work with the deepest embodiment and fully ignite intuition.
 • Level 2 - 2500$ - 4 months of advanced training for certification in coaching, certification in meditation teacher training, deepening intuition, and business support.
Flexible Payment Options:
Our most popular payment option is the base costs paid in full $4000.00 (usd). However, we offer a variety of payment options, including a 12 month payment plan.
We also offer as many discounted scholarship rates as possible.   For someone we believe will be an incredible coach, we will work something out!  So please reach out to us!

The Coaching Certification Curriculum includes:

LEVEL 1 - Coaching Healing
✔ SoulStrong Intuitive FRAMEWORK & Universal Introduction & "‘Why SoulStrong?’
✔ GUIDING PRINCIPLES and First Steps  Business: Your Ideal Coaching Business, Life and Client
✔ The Body is Everything’ - Self Love, The Fat Layer and intuition, How to teach fostering respect and self-love. Why SoulStrong clients must love their bodies.
✔ Meet your BRAIN (neurobiology & neurochemistry), Understand your DNA (epigenetics, and SoulStrong Perspectives on root causes. Business: Intake forms, first steps, find your first client. Why you don't need to be perfect or 'fully healed' to be an incredible coach.  How to work with self-confidence on your platform.
✔ Neuroplasticity, Emotions, Meaning Making, Story Making, POLYVAGAL Theory. Meditation Teaching Certification Begins: Why intuition hinges on mindfulness
✔The power of thoughts, radical remissions and Healing
✔ Shine, Intuition, Letting go of 'trying'.  How to teach your clients to live life this way.


A two day deep dive into healing, meditation and intuition

Hosted currently in Kelowna BC Canada, and Denver CO USA. Check the events page for upcoming dates. 
✔ The Chakra System in Coaching, Teaching an intuitive body scan

LEVEL 2 - Certification

✔ Coaching Skills - Client discussions / support, imposter complex. Business: revisit your ideal client, your website creativity etc.

✔ Coaching Skills - INTAKE FORMS, 5 Questions for Sessions Ongoing

✔ Your intuition and your client’s intuition. Business: Case discussions

✔ Sabotage, inner child and worth

✔ Control & Surrender, how to coach true surrender and trust. 

✔ Meditation Teacher Training 5 Chapters, advanced practice and a half-day zoom retreat.

✔ Coaching Topics - Imposter Complex, Support. Your people are Waiting. Retreats - Healing, Support, Community

✔ Marketing: Websites & Online Booking

✔ Optional Certification in Retreat Leadership (must attend 3 SoulStrong retreats)

✔ BUSINESS & MARKETING Modules - Setting Up Your Platform

✔ Manifestation Secrets

✔ Letting Go Ceremony & Graduation

Support After Certification

Advanced Business Support

  • Coaches are supported to start their website, social media and marketing strategies to set up their coaching platform and begin attracting their clients.
  • SoulStrong business coaching from Lead coaches is also available.

Ready to use Handouts and Modules

  • SoulStrong coaches have the option to use modules and handouts to guide their clients.  Learn how to walk you clients through mind, body, and INTUITIVE steps to the transformation they seek.  Help them understand why this journey is a step wise process and help keep them motivated and engaged.

Referrals via the SoulStrong Platform and Community 

  • Our network is international and we support our coaches with referrals.

Opportunities to become a Lead Coach, mentoring other coaches and co-creating programs.

  • The SoulStrong community of coaches support each other and we welcome those who want to co-create and develop specific programs to bring intuition out to the world.

How do I Apply?

Step 1
Please Book a Free 15minute call with our team here. We want to hear about your passion and your interest in this work! We will discuss the timing and upcoming groups and dates with you.
Please note, applicants must complete the pre-requisite course Intuition Foundations or equivalent work first so you can register for the upcoming dates and get started anytime.  Dr. Haile leads this live and you'll get to know SoulStrong via this process.  The sessions are recorded so you can work through this at your own pace, but you do need to follow along and complete the meditation practice.
Step 2
Once you have spoken to our team, you will be eligible to receive an application package via email, including the syllabus and the details for the upcoming group that you will be joining. And you will be sent a hidden link to book an interview with Dr. Haile.
Step 3
Interview with Dr. Haile (phone or zoom)
If your application is accepted you will be emailed a link to book into her schedule for a phone or zoom interview. 
What Happens Next? 
Successful candidates will be able to join the next available certification group.
When Does the Certification Course Start?
New Groups form every 2-3 months so please apply and let us now when you are interested in starting.  In your interview with Dr. Haile she will discuss timing with you.  We are currently reviewing applications for the November 2020 Start.  This group will run Fridays at 11am PST.  The first session will be Nov 13th 2020.


Working with Dr. Haile is a powerful, uplifting and truly expansive experience. I have not met many professionals that were able to see right into the core of the issue and support me in such a graceful, wise, and respectful way. She is so tapped into the truth of healing and I recommend her to anyone who has felt misunderstood, or unheard by health professionals in the past. She has so many tools to pull from and is really leading the way for soul healing and integration. Very grateful to have met her and watch the work she does.

Kylie, British Columbia

Dear Haile,


I am more myself than I have ever been. 


I remember listening to you speak at a woman’s event a few years ago and thinking, “I need to meet this person” but I wasn’t quite sure why. You were just so magnetic. Little did I know that I had so much healing to do. I soon came to realize that my struggle with anxiety and depression came from within me and not from the external factors I had always attributed it to - stressful job, volatile relationships, etc. You shined a light on what was right in front of me this whole time - I was unhappy with my body. It wasn’t the shape I wanted it to be despite my best “efforts” (restrictions/punishment/shame). I spent all my mind space thinking about how poorly I had eaten, counting calories, how much exercise I needed to do, shaming myself into going to the gym or not eating or only eating vegetables. I was exhausted. You helped me recognize that these false realities I had made up about the world and myself were simply not true. You don’t have to be skinny to be loved, to get that great job, to wear a bathing suit, to be happy or to simply enjoy your life. I’ve been able to release these unobtainable standards for what society thinks my body should be and I now just allow it to simply, be. I don’t agonize over calories anymore. I don’t do exercises that I hate anymore. I don’t cringe at the thought of being in a bikini anymore. With the mind space that I’ve gained back and the guidance from you, I’ve learned listen to my body and understand what it needs - food, movement, space, rest. It’s so much easier to exist in this new harmony. I am loved. I am happy.


It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am for you. Most days I can’t explain what it is exactly that you do to uplift and heal people. You are, simply, magic. 


Because of you, I am more myself that I have ever been. And I just like you. A lot.


Forever in your debt,


Allison, British Columbia

Working with Haile is like working with a really honest best friend. Since meeting Haile just over a year ago, her impact on my life has been huge and just plain beautiful. I have done the FREEDOM program, a SoulStrong Intuition Intensive, and the SoulStrong Mediations for Intuition: A 28 Day Journey.

The way she teaches is from her heart and everything she does, she does it with love and everyone’s best interest in mind.


Her passion for helping people through the highs and lows is unmatched! As is her ability to hold/curate safe, supportive spaces for personal breakthroughs. She has helped me through so many blocks, whether it’s mentally, intuitively, emotionally, or getting back in your body/grounded - she’s there. I’m so grateful to have met her and I’m so glad started the programs! I know it can be a bit intimidating starting such deep work, but I promise you; it’s 111% worth it!

Kai, British Columbia

Working with Haile Michaelson has changed my life. Beyond a doubt. I have known Haile professionally for more than 8 years, she has helped guide me through the blocks that have kept me from alignment in all ways. I have reconnected with my purpose, my body and my intuition- as a result my day to day experience of being human (and a therapist) feels much more attuned and profound. I have recommended Haile to so many of my clients, and the feedback has been amazing every.single.time.!!! What I know for sure, is that healing is a parallel process. My wish for all of you, is that you find the places and spaces and healers to do your work. For me- that person is Haile. I wholeheartedly believe she can also be your person... just sayin'

Trixie, Britsh Columbia

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