The Intuitive Bridge Program

Training that Elevates Your Life & Career

  • Become a more powerful practitioner

  • Take your clients deeper and farther in their healing journeys with intuition training​, and mind-body-soul skills

  • Learn hypnotherapy-based subconscious mindset coaching, and meditation teacher training

  • Get instruction and mentorship from expert practitioners.

  • Learn from home at your own pace

Already a coach, health or

mental health practitioner?

Dr. Haile Michaelson's life's work has been in psychology, medicine, mindfulness and intuition. A seeker, herself, she studied mind, body, and relationship between the two for decades.


The best success stories within counseling, coaching, healing, and radical remissions always involve clients tuning into their gut instincts, leaning into spirituality, and working with their own inner wisdom rather than protocols alone. The power of intuition accelerates progress and creates lasting results.

Find out How Intuition Changes Everything

Cutting-edge curriculum &

Flexible At-Your-Own Pace Learning

The SoulStrong curriculum focuses on practical steps to ignite your intuition and teach your clients how to operate from a place of inner wisdom. Whether you are planning to use this for work or life, we help you tailor our methods to an area you are passionate about.


If you are already a coach or health practitioner, our certification will help you integrate intuition into your existing practice and give you the tools to teach your clients and patients how to tap into their own intuition and listen to their bodies.  This is often the missing step in other paradigms within mind-body practices.  Dr. Haile is a leading expert in soul and intuition as it relates to the body and healing.

A decision that will change

your work & life

Whether you launch a new career, add intuition to your existing practice, or just deepen your own life experience, your life will be enriched by the things you learn and the experiences that you have in this course. This journey is designed to equip you with tools and skills for your current work and life, and also to foster your own growth and transformation in huge ways!

20 Modules, 4 Private Sessions

Step 1: Bridge Level 1 | Intuitive Deep Healing & Basic Meditation 10 Modules

Level 1 is designed to take you through Dr. Haile's practical steps to tap into, recognize, and trust your own intuition, and teach intuition to others.

Step 2: Bridge Level 2 | Subconscious Mindset Training & Advanced Meditation Training 10 modules

In Level 2, you will learn how to implement and teach advanced intuition into your work with clients and your own life, and dive into hypnotherapy-based guided visualization to access the subconscious mind and create deeper, more powerful healing.  Dr. Haile's hypnotherapy protocols and scripts for parts therapy, forgiveness, wholeness and intuitive development from subconscious will be shared and taught. 

Private Mentoring

4 private sessions with Dr. Haile are included for mentoring, as well as text support throughout your training.  You will be given a link to book these and sign up when you register for the course.


The investment is 1800(usd) paid upon registering, or 325 per month over 6 months.

Optional: Intuition Intensive | 2-day Retreat

The Intuition Intensive Retreats provides a deeper experience and embodiment of the teachings. We offer these retreats several times a year in different locations. You can choose which retreat you attend, including online options.

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