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Welcome to a 4 day deep dive journey.

February 15th-18th 2021

Journey deeper and higher than you have ever been into deeply embodied intuition first, and then into a hypnotherapy-based subconscious unwinding of storylines, & blocks, and old ways. 

We will emphasize opening third eye, connection to guides and higher level connection via the subconscious and end the 4 days with a letting go process also from the depts of the subconscious.

Join us for a Deep Dive

This event takes places over 4 days and is designed by Founder, Dr. Haile Michaelson to deepen your connection to your intuitive system no matter what level you are currently at.  Using hypnotherapy, she will take you deeper into your connections to guides and ancestors, and your own intuitive abilities, and then move into removing blocks via the subconscious mind to create new freedom and new ways forward.

The experience:

Feb 15 - Intuition Intensive Day 1 - 9am-12pm.  Experience an embodiment journey all morning based on hypnotherapy to deeply enter the inner world of the soma.  

Lunch is provided (gluten free and dairy free and paleo options)

Afternoon 1-4pm Energetics, expansion and crown opening.

Feb 16 - Intuition Intensive Day 2 -9-12 Ancestors & Guides direct connection. Opening & deepening.


1-4pm Beginners / First time participants - learn tarot cards, learn readings, practice together.

1-4pm Advanced / Return Intuition Intensive participants - expand clairvoyoyance, third eye and connections with Dr. Haile in a separate room.

Feb 17th  Day 1 Subconscious Unwind 1 - 9-12 pm Conscious and Subconscious unearthing of blocks. Journey through your Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual 'bodies'.  Integrate and allow blocks to arise

Lunch in silence.

1-4pm - Explore timeline work to unblock current life and past life residual threads that no longer serve you.  This is an intensive afternoon entirely guided by Dr. Haile.


Feb 18th Day 2 Subconscious Unwind -  9-12pm 'The Wise Journey of the Soul'.  From the depths of the subconscious experience, meet your intuition.  Receive insight, opening of the senses, opening your own system and deepening your connections to your guides and team. 


1-4:30 Soul Pain, Karmic threads, Deep Healing Integration.

4:30 Fire Ceremony - Letting go.

5pm - 7pm Dinner together on site, swimming, fire time ongoing.


Who can attend?

SoulStrong community members who have completed Intuition Foundations or equivalent certifications.

How many spots are available?

Spots are limited to 24 participants and current SoulStrong community will have priority.  We need to do first come first serve basis for this to make it fair :)


The retreat cost is 1700$ for all 4 days including lunches (plus the final day dinner) Flights and accommodation is up to each person to arrange separately.  We do have 7 rooms available on site to offer our participants on a first come first serve basis as well which are 110usd per night and all have double beds and larger.  For this option please let us know asap.

How do I save a spot?

For registration, we ask for a 500$ deposit (via the button below).  The final instalment is due one month before on Jan 15th.  Those who pay the deposit and register will have a spot.  The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to another SoulStrong member or a waitlisted member💙


SoulStrong Institute for Intuition

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