Dr. Haile Michaelson, BA(Psych), ND(retired) 


• Founder & Director of SoulStrong

• Intuitive Medium & Mentor

• Retired Naturopathic Doctor

• Retreat Lead, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

• Intuitive Coaching Certification Program Director

Allow your Healing Journey to Begin.

I am an intuitive medium and mentor, a retired naturopathic doctor, a meditation & yoga teacher, and the Founder of SoulStrong®.  I practiced clinical integrative medicine for 10 years and have studied the body, the mind, and the soul for more than 20 years.

I currently only mentor and provide healing sessions for SoulStrong intuitives, with occasional exceptions. However, please feel free to reach or book a free 15min phone call and we can go from there towards finding the best next steps.

In my years of intuitive coaching and naturopathic medical practice, I have seen many incredible healing journeys.  The complete resolution of symptoms and the optimizing of health, wellness, vitality and resilience requires a holistic treatment approach. This I knew before I became a doctor from my own journey.  What I didn't know at the beginning was that intuition is key.

My relationship with my body actually laid the foundation for my life’s work. Body has felt like adversary, teacher, prison and prisoner of sorts, long-suffering witness, and—eventually—now, my fiercest ally. What used to house incredible pain for me, is now a profound source of wisdom, connection, and healing.   If you had told me when I was younger that I would one day be free from the physical and mental health imbalances, I would not have believed you!   My life in a lot of ways was a build up of the most painful and difficult aspects of each of these, all leading me to learn and keep learning, then study and study some more.


I was born highly sensitive and from a young age I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. This sense of discomfort and unease grew with me, and by the time I reached adolescence I believed the only way to relieve this unbearable discomfort was to shrink. To take my too-much and make it less. One by one, my passions were hijacked by restrictive exercise routines, and my love for elite soccer became yet another way to disguise and justify my goal of becoming smaller. Eventually, I found myself in the full throes of an eating disorder: binging, purging, restricting, and desperately willing my body to be different. I spent years in jails of my own making, disconnecting from my self, and squeezing myself until I lost sight of my mission and my desire to live. My rock bottom moment was becoming too sick to do certain things I loved. Rock bottom is a cold, damp, terrifying pit, but it’s also the birthplace of divine possibility. Only after hitting the base layer of the abyss, did I begin to claw my way back up.

I then began a 20 year quest of sorts, to study and find out as much as I could about healing, to hopefully create a ripple effect and help others.


I completed 8 years of post graduate traditional studies, first in psychology and nutrition at McGill University, and then naturopathic medicine at the Boucher Institute.  I paralleled studies in meditation, and intuition, cellular healing and intention-based modalities.  I wanted to know about all levels of healing. I spent time doing 30 day long meditation retreats, sitting and going within. All of it was challenging on so many levels, and all of it was driven by the thirst to become a true healer, an effective and intuitive coach, and a holistic, integrative, naturopathic doctor. 


Throughout this challenging and expansive journey, I was slowly waking up to all of the ways I had been sleeping and all of the work that needed to be done. The more I learned, the more I knew that a true mind-body-soul approach needs to be brought to the forefront in order for people to see complete transformation. At the same time, within myself, I was learning how to transform the energy of 'trying' & 'shrinking' into expansion, and learned to use my struggle as a catapult to reach the highest places.  I viewed academics, evidence based modalities, research, degrees, diplomas, the studies in psychology, nutrition, botanical medicine and the mind-body connection, gut healing, hormone balance etc in the same light - as a kind of cfoundation or cement base for healing, but also, AND moreover, that also we need to move towards paradigms that are inclusive of Soul Intuition and bring this all forward.


 My journey layed a kind of foundation for me to expand the mind, create structure, and build my foundation for this work with the SOUL. My whole being knew I had been collecting everything I learned from cadaver labs and food research, counselling courses, botanical studies etc - the brain, the gut, the mind, body, soul, TO BE ABLE TO ILLUMINATE TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING FOR OTHERS.

When I began practicing integrative medicine as a new young naturopathic doctor, I noticed very early on is that healing was sometimes not fully happening even with a very comprehensive and integrative approach.  I noticed that so many were seeing physical results with naturopathic & allopathic medicines, and emotional and mental health related improvements with counselling, where combined mind-body medicine was an amazing start, however, I still was so often seeing that the root cause wasn’t the root I was taught in integrative, functional medicine paradigms.  

The root, in these cutting edge paradigms is described as a physical or mental root cause, for example, the psoriasis happening, with symptoms int he skin layer, needs emotional and gut healing to get to the root and see resolution.  Or, the depression happening needs serotonin building for the brain, gut healing for the production to be supported, and counselling/ coaching to address the emotions, the unmet needs, or the thought pattern momentum as the root causes...

These somehow felt to me as though they were roots yes, but not the deepest roots.

I knew at my core, from my own health journey, and all the years of learning that there was more to integrate for healing and transformation. 

I learned meditation, and went to long 30 day retreats where I went deeply inward through the mind, into the body, and got to re-connect with my inner knowingness, my Self, my soul - whatever you want to call that inner instinctual ability to KNOW, to REALLY KNOW.  All humans know this, they just so often fear that it could be opposing some kind of old construct from culture or religion or other places to visit it or discuss it. 

The entire topic of the soul is so quick to be dismissed by our current empirical model of health, AND people tend to panic so fast, as soon as the blurred lines of spirituality and religion arise. 

The problem really is that this pushing away of one’s own experience of soul, and the currently accepted conceptual bubble of mind-body-only medicine is limiting healing.


There was a day in retreat where I remember KNOWING myself again for the first time after being pretty lost in mind and body work.  It was like a restart button on my innate knowingness of myself, my purpose, my mission, my will and my entire being, mind, body, soul included.  It was also after this that I realized soul, intuition, and alignment are at the root of healing.  I believe medicine now needs to move forward into the third part of mind-body-soul integration.  And more importantly, each person looking for transformation and healing needs to meet their soul, develop their innate knowingness or intuition, and also learn to live their lives using this knowingness as their compass in order to attain the highest levels of health and wellbeing.

In parallel, as a whole, we are unwell socially, and spiritually.

We are ill spiritually as well, as we have omitted the human need for spirituality, defined not as any shade of religious dogmas, but defined as a connectivity to our-Selves.

When we align our lives by listening to our intuition via our bodies, we begin to heal mind, body, and society.

The body has within it all of the power to heal.  To begin to touch into this, we need to ignite our intuition.  We need to take an active practice of quieting the mind in order to hear our bodies, and we need to actively face and feel and regulate our emotions.  This is obviously an active state and involves to some degree commitment and work - and in some places feeling discomfort, emotions and pains.  

How easy this is then, to run away from and chose to busy ourselves with distraction, and self-soothing substances, activities and avoidance mechanisms.  However, the truth is that unless we begin to bridge mind-body medicine, to our basic intuitive ability to listen to our own selves, we don’t fully heal, and we can’t progress forward as a group when we block out one part of mind-body-soul.  

I have learned that our intuition is key to EVERYTHING we want.  All of the SoulStrong® programs teach this throughout their steps and as their core.

Today I spend time growing SoulStrong, coaching clients one to one, leading retreats, teaching meditation, coaching Crossfit, being a mom to two little boys.  I lead my life with intuition, I meditate, workout, run a business and wholeheartedly believe it is possible for each of us to live balanced lives and truly love our bodies, our whole selves, each other, and the world. I know what it’s like to be in the trenches with health and other imbalances.  I also know what it feels like to emerge and find health, balance, freedom.  Please reach out to me to connect. or begin sessions, start a program or join our community!  I look forward to meeting you!

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