with Dr. Haile Michaelson

10 Weeks Online

Learn the Steps to Igniting Intuition

Become Empowered from Within

KNOW your own answers

Learn from a True Expert

Are you already aware of your inner wisdom and looking to have help igniting, understanding and working with your own intuition? 


Everything changes when we ignite intuition.

Dive in with us and become deeply empowered by a new kind of wisdom, a new way of living, and an amazing journey led live by our experts. 

The world is so ready for intuition.  We are at a place now where we KNOW that we can be our own Guru.  We can find our own answers within.  Our minds, bodies and souls are more powerful than we currently understand, and they hold deep wisdom.


Dr. Haile Michaelson's life's work has been in psychology, medicine, mindfulness and intuition. With her incredibly broad and deep understanding of the steps involved in igniting intuition, she has become mentor to many professionals wanting to move into more wisdom within their work and lives. 



Details of this course:

  • 10 Live Teaching Sessions Online with Dr. Haile and SoulStrong Lead Teachers

  • Guided Meditations unlocked with each chapter in a specific series to ignite intuition

  • 'Perspective Papers' on topics in a MindBodySoul paradigm with Dr. Haile

  • Discounted Private Mentoring Sessions with Dr. Haile and lead mentors during your course

  • Online WhatsApp and Facebook supportive private communities

  • A Daylong Intuition Intensive Retreat *online option - This day is a deep dive into your own intuitive system, guided by Haile.  

  • Completion of this program is a prerequisite for step 2 Mystics course in psychic and mediumship development.
  • Cost is $400cad (or 3 monthly payments of 135cad)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is This Program for Me? 

This journey is for ALL people who want to ignite intuition.  Dr. Haile mentors a lot of professionals in taking this work further into their clinical practices and work lives, and ALL are welcome to register. Intuition is an incredible tool to bring into all areas of your life, work and relationships.

This course is for you if:
✔ You know there is a deep wisdom within, and want to learn to listen.
✔ You want add intuition to your work and your relationships
✔ You want to deepen your own transformation & healing journey 
✔ You want to go deeper with us into psychic skills and mediumship (level 2)


What will I learn?

• Secrets of Intuition - Dr. Haile's Perspective


• The Body is Everything - The Layers and Intuition. Fascia, Intuitive Language. How to begin to learn your own system.

• Emotional Wisdom - Finding the gifts emotions provide for intuition. Emotional Depths Explained

• Thoughts & Storylines - How to redirect and recreate ourselves from our deeper intuitive wisdom. Projections, thoughts and energetics around manifestation.

• Learn a 25 day series of meditation for intuition. Guided and recorded by Dr. Haile. Mindfulness is key to the journey. 

• The Soul's journey to being big. How do we allow the soul to grow? What does this feel like?

• Secrets of Healing. The earth - the link between your body and the land and how to re-connect as part of your healing.

• MANIFESTATION & Creating Intuitive Life Balance. Boundaries from a SoulStrong perspective, Relationship magic from intuition. *secrets of manifestation from foundations in intuition

• Professionals who are Intuitive. Guidance and Topics on working with others from intuition.

How is this different from other professional development or intuition trainings? 

Dr. Haile practiced naturopathic medicine for 10 years and has studied mind-body-soul topics, practices, and modalities for more than 20.  She has degrees in psychology, nutrition and naturopathic medicine.  She brings a level of expertise that is so needed.

Her paradigm of mind body soul is very elevated, open minded, and rooted in clinical and professional experience.   The realm of soul is the next place that we are going as we become more holisitic in our work and lives.  Soul needs leadership that incredibly open minded and well educated.  Dr. Haile knows the intricacies very well.

Why did Dr. Haile create this program? 

Her intention is to be able to teach intuition to create big change in the lives of others.  Over time, working in this field, she noticed EVERYONE who does this work to get to know their deepest wisest selves, make change, impact others, become aligned in their passions, purpose and missions.  Foundations is a course literally every single person would benefit from.  We all need more of our own empowered intuition. 

When Does the Next Group Start ? 

We start groups every few months depending on scheduling.  Our next group will begin September 15th 2020 at NOON 12pm PST.  Zoom Sessions will be Tuesdays weekly at 12.

Can I be mentored privately? Can my own work team be mentored privately?

Yes, Dr. Haile can arrange private small groups and private mentoring in this track also depending on schedules and availability.  Please email the SoulStrong team at to open up a discussion :)

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