Meditation is a powerful tool for stress reduction, mental wellness, and spiritual growth. It is essential in the journey to self-awareness and alignment in life.  We often see clients who have 'tried everything' in terms of protocols, therapies, various professionals but they still feel extreme stress, and feel lost in the fog of it all, simply wanting to create life balance and feel better.   

There is a real true NEED for us to begin to listen to our bodies, and our ability to INNATELY KNOW - or be intuitive in our lives.  SoulStrong coaching and teachings are about how to turn the volume up in this way, and really truly listen to yourself to know what is right for you and how to make change.  I am often asked, 'How do I learn to hear my own intuition?'


To get to know our true selves, we need to quiet mind chatter, venture into the body's sensations & emotions, reduce fight or flight / stress, and eventually ignite our intuition - meaning our innate wisdom and ability to know what is right for us.  
There are so many misconceptions about meditation from mainstream practices of 'clearing the mind', 'having no thoughts' or concentrating to the point of empty cognition.  There are streams of influence that have made the basic practices seem impossible for a beginner. 


We often hear 'I can't meditate because I have too many thoughts' and 'I've tried so hard to concentrate, but I can't clear my mind'


In our busy, fast-paced culture, we need an approach that is centred first around relieving the fight of flight dominance by a somatic (body) based style, and second, around a gentle focus on knowing ourselves in body, mind, intuition as we then venture into quieting the mind, concentrating or focusing extensively.

As a whole group, we really can't expect to be in our culture of busy lives, fight or flight and stress dominant physiology, and hop onto a cushion, and instantly "empty the mind".  We can't bypass the body and expect that epic concentration practices will bring about the opening, and the stress reduction that is sometimes promoted.  


We must first begin with the body, to relieve stress, and shift out of stress mode, before we can learn to quiet the mind, and hear our intuition.  Our intuition speaks to us via the body, so the pathway REQUIRES A SOMATIC (BODY) BASED and step-wise approach. 

The somatic meditation course below was created intentionally with a focus on intuition.  This doesn't mean anything other than a waking up of the ability to KNOW YOURSELF, and listen to this wise knowingness VIA THE BODY, while learning to quiet the mind.  

When we commit to a daily practice, and venture towards quieting the mind first via de-stressing and getting into the body, amazing 
things begin to open up. 

All of our certified coaches teach meditation, and this journey is most empowering with a coach on your team.  Our programs all incorporate meditation as well 💙


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