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IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


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Soul Strong

Intuition is the way of the future.


Your purpose is to help others.

You feel called to guide people to their passion, help them through challenging times, and find freedom in creating your own path.

With the SoulStrong Intuitive Life Coaching method you will.

Create your dream career, live with passion, and inspire others. 

The SoulStrong Difference

Can You Imagine

Doing work that fuels your soul, every single day

Freedom to work where you like, attracting clients you love

Expanding your current practice by adding intuition and creating more income 

Feeling connected to your intuition, and completely changing your own life

Starting your Journey by igniting your own intuition and deepening your meditation practice


"It's Time To Be Your Biggest Expression of Your Beautiful Self. "

Dr. Haile  

At SoulStrong, we believe in empowering people to ignite their own deepest wisdom, shifting to a truly aligned, intuition-directed life. 

No matter the niche you choose to coach, intuition plays a role in your client's success by clarifying answers, helping with direction and expediting results. As a SoulStrong intuitive practitioner, you will be able to use your own intuition, as well as applying clear practical steps to activating intuition to help your clients open up to theirs. 

We have brought together an incredible team of experts to bring cutting-edge teaching on mind, body & soul coaching techniques to you. Leading the program from her clinical background, Dr.Haile brings the body, the brain, the nervous system, and connection to the soul together to form advance coaching techniques that can be applied across disciplines. 


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Meditation Teacher Training Certification


This method was created by our founder Dr. Haile Michaelson as a meditation method that is intuition centred.  Her belief is that intuition requires meditation, and in fact, it requires a SOMATIC, embodied focus that connects us to earth and teaches expansion for healing. 

Retreat Leadership Training 

Learn the SoulStrong retreat formulation for hosting a Deep Healing Daylong Retreat and how to design an effective retreat.

* Individual private mentoring is available upon request

6 months of weekly live sessions with your SoulStrong Trainer

You are not alone. Check-in points to ensure you are fully supported on your journey. 

23 self-paced modules of videos, content and coaching tools

Learn on your own time from the comfort of your own home. Manual, coaching tools to implement your learning and videos with Founder, Dr. Haile Michaelson.

Private Community Support 

Join a private WhatsApp Group community of like-minded individuals who are with you on your journey. 

Daily Group Meditation Practice

Develop a consistent meditation practice with the support of your community. Meditation is the gateway to your intuition. 

Post-Graduation - Light Leaders Membership (Optional)

You did the work and ready to start coaching. Our gift to you is a ready-to-use program to implement into your practice right away. Plus coaching cocoons for ongoing continuing education + client referrals via the SoulStrong platform. 

What Is Included In the Certification?





You Are More Than Enough

This Intuitive Coaching Certification Is For You If.....

You are ready to see deep transformation in your life and support others in this journey

You want to take people past basic goal setting and into deeper healing 

You are heart-centered and able to hold space for others

You are dedicated to your own meditation practice and ready to ignite your inner knowing

You are ready to step into your power & shine

18 Ways Intuition Helps People Get Un-Stuck

Free Download

Coming Soon!

I remember reading the Soulstrong philosophy on the website and thinking that this program was made for me. I had no doubt. It was aligned with the direction I was taking in my life. I loved everything about this program. The coaching program requires work on yourself, before transitioning to work with others. I am continually reminded that I am in exactly the right place.

Dr. Haile is such a generous and powerful spirit. I feel blessed to be learning and benefitting from her direction and teachings. If these programs speak to you, I encourage you to take the next step and change your life. You will never look back.

Laura M.

Are you ready to create a life you love making a difference in the world?
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