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Learn what it means to be intuitive, how it can elevate your life, and how to apply Dr. Haile's practical steps to strengthen your intuitive skills.

This online course is introduces you to embodiment, meditation, deep healing, all in a process designed to move past your blocks and ignite your intuition.

Intuition Foundations is the entry-level course for all other SoulStrong programs.

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What the program includes...

✔ 8 modules of text & videos accessible online through the student centre

✔ 8 prerecorded classes taught by Dr. Haile

✔ 28 guided meditations with beta and delta waves for concentration & relaxation

✔ One 30-minute private intuitive mentoring session with Dr. Haile

✔ A discounted rate for any additional appointments with Dr. Haile for added support

What you can expect...

Deep transformation that changes everything

When people know how to access their intuition, it becomes a fast-track to manifestation, deep transformation and freedom on many levels. Our minds, bodies, and souls are more powerful than many people understand. The deep inner knowingness you need to navigate the world and create a life you love, all rests inside you.

Accelerated healing, confident decisions, peace of mind

The best success stories within counseling, coaching, healing, and radical remissions always involve clients tuning into their gut instincts, leaning into spirituality, and working with their own inner wisdom rather than protocols alone. The power of intuition accelerates progress and creates lasting results.

An opportunity to learn from an expert

Dr. Haile Michaelson's life's work has been in psychology, medicine, mindfulness and intuition. A seeker, herself, she studied mind and body for years. Now, she brings soul to the mix adding unimaginable power to proven practices. With her incredibly broad and deep understanding of the practical steps involved in igniting intuition, she has become mentor to many professionals and seekers, alike.​

SoulStrong Founder Dr. Haile Michaelson

This class is for you if...

✔ You are ready to learn and transform.

✔ You want to add intuition to your work and your relationships.

✔ You desire to deepen and accelerate your own healing journey.

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