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Guided meditations that ignite intuition

Do you know what you are missing by not tapping into your intuition?
More than 68,000 people search the internet for the word "intuition" every month, curious about the meaning of this mysterious inner wisdom.

Intuition gives us the confidence of a clear inner knowingness, allowing us to make better decisions, heal where we need to, and manifest the life we want effortlessly.

After more than a decade in medicine, Dr. Haile Michaelson introduces us to the connection between body and intuition and how with simple practical steps we can access this life-changing tool.

Igniting your intuition will change your life.
Are you ready to change your life with intuition?
Intuition Foundations is the prerequisite for all other SoulStrong programs and retreats. You can grow with us or just take what you learn and watch it change your work and life. Join the group of like-minded learners in the next Intuition Foundations course.