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A Coaching Certification Unlike Any Other 
Mind, Body
 & Soul Included

Intuition is the way of the future. 
Find out how this program was created by Dr. Haile Michaelson, and why it is the most powerful, transformative training available. 

SoulStrong was created to move you forward from the place you are at right now, through the transformation you are craving, to the life, health and purpose you have been imagining and preparing to create.

What is Intuitive Coaching

We believe in empowering people to ignite their own deepest wisdom & intuition, shifting to a truly aligned, intuition-directed life.  

Healing, self-actualization, and the highest levels of wellness require intuition-centred steps.  We believe each person has the ability to learn to listen to this instinct, find balance, health and ultimately a life they love. 
Dr. Haile Michaelson brings an incredible curriculum and team of experts to this certification, with cutting edge teachings on mind, body & soul. 

What the program includes...

A fully online, at your own pace learning experience of 28 modules (6-12 month completion)

5 private mentoring sessions with Dr. Haile 

24 live teaching sessions with Dr. Haile or SoulStrong lead instructors who are experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, coaching and business.

A SoulStrong crystal mala shipped to your home, for your journey & daily meditation practice.

✔ An online student center to guide you through all of your coursework

✔ A digital manual that can be printed & bound for each module of the program

✔ 35+ Guided meditations that help you tap into your own intuition

✔ High-level training in mind-body medicine, intuition, coaching skills and intro to business

✔ Optional specializations / add on trainings with our team in Trauma Informed Coaching, Awakening Through Grief, Intuitive Eating & Eating Disorder Freedom, and Wise Women

✔ A discounted rate for private sessions with Dr. Haile

✔ Certification as a SoulStrong Intuitive Coach and Meditation Teacher

✔ A coaches-only membership post certification that gives you access to programs, advanced training cocoon sessions, handouts and meditations to use with your clients

The Intuitive Coaching Difference

At SoulStrong, we believe in empowering people to ignite their own deepest wisdom, shifting to a truly aligned, intuition-directed life.
No matter the niche you choose to coach, intuition plays a key role in client success, clarifying answers, direction, and expediting results. As a SoulStrong Intuitive Coach, you will have the ability to not only use you own strengthened intuition to guide your clients' sessions, but you will also be able to coach them through applying clear practical steps to activating their own intuition.

The incredible curriculum and team of experts bring cutting-edge teachings on mind, body & soul medicine and coaching techniques. Teaching from her clinical background, Dr. Haile brings the body, the brain, nervous system, and connection to the soul together to from advance coaching techniques. We believe excellent coaching REQUIRES this knowledge.

Accelerated healing, confident decisions, peace of mind

The best success stories within counseling, coaching, healing, and radical remissions always involve clients tuning into their gut instincts, leaning into spirituality, and working with their own inner wisdom rather than protocols alone. The power of intuition accelerates progress and creates lasting results.

An opportunity to learn from professionals

Dr. Haile Michaelson's life's work has been in psychology, medicine, mindfulness and intuition. A seeker, herself, she studied mind, body, and meditation for years. Now, she brings soul to the mix adding unimaginable power to proven practices. With her incredibly broad and deep understanding of the practical steps involved in igniting intuition, she has become mentor to many professionals, helping counselors, health practitioners, and coaches add intuition to their practices.​

The Certification classes are not only taught by Dr. Haile, but also faculty members who have built careers in the fields of coaching, clinical counseling, business, and marketing, bringing a well-rounded perspective to topics imperative to launching a successful and impactful coaching business.


28 modules of content (See below)

Meditation Teacher Training

5 Private sessions with Dr. Haile are one hour, via phone or video.  These are designed to help you develop your intuition, and support you through your own journey, as well as cover any questions about the content.

24 live zoom teaching sessions with SoulStrong Teachers. These are generally twice monthly and cover coaching, intuition and psychology topics. Once registered in the program you will have access to the schedule.

✔ Coursework/modules in the student center typically require about 2-3 hours/week to read & complete.

✔ A commitment to daily meditation practice (through the SoulStrong process) is required during the program.

✔ There are 3 assignments to complete during the 12 months before receiving a certificate

✔ We recommend creating a schedule at the start, by booking in your private sessions and your live cocoon sessions. 

✔ Completion will take 6-12 months, and will have access to join all live teaching sessions for 12 months.

✔ Tuition is 12 payments of 390$ (usd) or discounted complete payment of 4400.


✔ Alignment: learn the meaning and identify the feeling

✔ SoulStrong guiding principles

✔ How to coach others to ignite intuition and heal

✔ Embodiment and self-love. How does it work?

✔ The brain, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics

✔ The body's connection to the soul, microRNA, our senses, the fat layer, the body's interfacing

✔ Thoughts, the mind, and subconscious

✔ Healing and radical remissions

✔ Wholeness and shine. What is expansion?

✔ Intuition. Ignite your system and teach others how

✔ Coming Home to the Body. Embodied Intuitive Coaching

✔ Truth & Trust. The SoulStrong

✔ Practical steps to manifestation

✔ Find your Purpose. Amplify your passion and creating your coaching platform

✔ Business skills 1: launching your business and finding your ideal client

✔ Coaching skills 1: active listening, powerful questioning, and intuitive coaching

✔ Business skills 2: website and marketing skills

✔ Self-sabotage and inner child work

✔ Advanced meditations and teacher training 

✔ Coaching surrender and allowance

✔ Coaching skills 2: intuitive coaching vs ICF methods, session flow, practice sessions

✔ Anxiety and mindfulness techniques 

✔ Addressing anger

✔ Coaching skills 3: Ethics & professionalism

✔ Trauma-informed coaching introduction

✔ Business skills 3: Getting ready to launch, intuitive money & cash flow discussion

✔ Certification and graduation

This certification is for you if...

✔ Your mission is to help others or you are already in a healing profession
✔ You are ready to learn a new kind of coaching, where soul is a part of the holistic approach
✔ People are naturally drawn to you and your energy
✔ Intuition is a key part of who you are are
You are ready to deepen your own transformation & healing journey
✔ You are ready to create a live you love making a difference in the world

Support for our coaches post-certification

Comprehensive Mentoring & Training with retired integrative doctor, Haile Michaelson.  A truly in-depth mind body soul curriculum.

  • Please see below for all the topics and modules.

Optional Business Basics and Advanced Business Support

  • Coaches are supported to start their website, social media and marketing strategies to set up their coaching platform and begin attracting their clients.
  • SoulStrong business coaching from Lead coaches is also available.

Ready to use Handouts and Modules

  • SoulStrong coaches have the option to use modules and handouts to guide their clients.  Learn how to walk you clients through mind, body, and INTUITIVE steps to the transformation they seek.  Help them understand why this journey is a step wise process and help keep them motivated and engaged

Referrals via the SoulStrong Platform and Community 

  • Our network is international and we support our coaches with referrals.

Opportunities to become a Lead Coach, mentoring other coaches and co-creating programs.

  • The SoulStrong community of coaches support each other and we welcome those who want to co-create and develop specific programs to bring intuition out to the world.


Nurturing and Support for Coaches 

  • Haile, the SoulStrong Team, and our Lead Coaches are here to support coaches through this very amazing journey into intuition and then beyond, into coaching others.  We love being a part of the ripple effect, and seeing all the lives that change from each coach who steps up.  Haile works almost exclusively with coaches in her intuitive mentoring practice, and is extremely dedicated to helping our coaches grow, learn, heal. 

Get Started

There is an application process involving:

1. Submit the form via the button below

2. Selected applicants will receive an email to book a phone interview with Dr. Haile.

3. Accepted applicants will be sent paperwork and a link to register and begin.


⭐️ Access to the manual is instantaneous upon registering ⭐️

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