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Expand your psychic skills & mediumship abilities

As people become more energetically connected, and shift into true mind-body-soul and holistic paradigms, they begin to understand that psychic ability is simply a natural extension of our deep wisdom.



This course is an advanced journey, co-created by Dr. Haile Michaelson, Dunya Hood & Abbigail Jackson, three powerful intuitive mediums & mentors.  This training encompasses the pre-requisite base course Intuition Foundations, 30 guided meditations, 4 self-hypnosis tracks for opening and moving through blocks, 2 intensive weekends (currently via zoom), and monthly mystics mentoring sessions to practice your skills and develop your abilities.

What the program includes...

✔ Learn about how psychic sensory skills and how to interpret your own system

✔ Learn methods to do a reading on yourself, others, and relationships

✔ Open your third eye and your sensory system through a subconscious approach

✔ Learn how to connect to souls and guides in other realms

✔ Learn how to set protective energetic boundaries and the importance of light leadership

✔ Learn how to make a connection for a client and structure a session

Program format

Preparation: foundations & guided meditations

Prior to the first weekend intensive of this course, you must complete an 8 module pre-requisite course, Intuition Foundations or another flagship course. This course also includes 28 guided meditations and we ask that you meditate daily prior to, and during your mystics training.

Also prior to your first intensive weekend, you will receive two guided, hypnotherapy-inspired meditations to follow and use daily to prepare you for psychic skills learning and opening.

Weekend One: psychic skills intensive weekend

This 2-day weekend intensive is hosted on Zoom and designed to help you develop your psychic abilities. During this process you will experience the opening of your third eye, accessing your clairsensory system, and interpreting answers. You will experience calling forward a guide. At the end of the weekend, you will know how to structure a session, and do a reading on yourself, someone else, or even a relationship. Students will practice together during the intensive and receive help and feedback from the SoulStrong team.

Between the two weekend trainings:

During the time between the two intensive weekends, you can attend small group Mystic Mentoring sessions led by Dunya Hood & Abbigail Jackson to practice your skills and receive extra support.

Also During this time, you will have access to two advanced hypnotherapy-inspired guided tracks to help prepare you for mediumship. These are designed to help open your connection ability to ancestors, loved ones and guides, and access your own system for connecting to the other side.

Weekend Two: mediumship intensive weekend

During this 2-day intensive, also hosted on Zoom, you will learn how to connect to souls and guides on the other side and in other realms through the practice and principles of SoulStrong Transformative Mediumship. At SoulStrong we believe that connections like these are intended to heal and move you or your client forward. You will learn about other entities and the importance of boundaries, as well as guiding principles for being a light leader (those who use these gifts for good). Dr. Haile will also share insights on the soul's journey and how healing in other realms can change your current life.

We are enrolling participants in the following group:

  • Psychics: April 17th-18th, 2021 via Zoom 9:30- 3:30pm PST

  • Mediumship: May 15th-16th, 2021 via Zoom, 9:30-3:30pm PST

Program length and tuition

From beginning to end, this program is 8-months in length including monthly mentoring sessions

Tuition for the program is paid via monthly a at $236 USD/month over 8 months and includes all pre-requisite intuition coursework, both intensive weekends, and guided meditations / self-hypnosis.  You will have access to 8 Mystic Mentoring sessions to support your development.

This training is for you if...

✔ You would like to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities

✔ You would like to learn how to connect to ancestors & guides

✔ You are ready to dive deeper into mind-body-soul healing for personal or professional reasons.

✔ You have completed our Intuition Foundations Course and would like to keep learning.

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