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Our Mystics Training is a 14 week, very intensive training designed to teach you how to do readings, offer sessions using psychic tools, intuitive wisdom and transformative mediumship.  Created by Dr. Haile Michaelson, to bring forward a new kind of elevated and transformative style of psychic mediumship. 
Frequently asked Questions 
How is this different from other trainings?
Dr. Haile has a deep and vast understanding of body, mind and soul.  Given that she was a practicing naturopathic doctor for 10 years, she teaches intuition and skills in psychic mediumship as a somatic and holistic skill set.  This means that our training modules cover many aspects of mind, emotions, thoughts, body, brain and nervous system, earth connect, soul, boundaries, energetics, healing and true transformation.
What is transformative psychic mediumship?
Connecting each person to their own intuition and inner wisdom is at the core of all SoulStrong trainings.  Dr. Haile teaches that the body wants to heal, the soul wants to expand, and the mind wants to open into awareness.  She teaches psychic work only in the paradigm and with the INTENDED GOAL of helping our clients transform and attain their best alignment / purpose / path. 
It is her view that all sessions should have the goal of helping our clients transform.  She teaches Mystics work from this angle and those who certify know how to help others rather than simply 'do readings'. 
What is the time commitment?
This course involves a commitment to DAILY work, where modules are unlocked weekly.  Live teaching sessions with Dr. Haile will take place on Zoom (Saturdays). There is also a mandatory 1 day retreat (*online option is available).  
What will I learn?
Weekly Curriculum & Content is as follows
  1. Welcome to SoulStrong Mystic Training. Overview, Expectations
  2. Anchoring, Deep Connectivity
  3. Intensive Expansion & Awareness Module 7 days
  4. The Yes Wisdom
  5. The No Wisdom
  6. Fire Ceremony.  Alchemizing Fear. Ancestors. Building Connections. *Introduction to listening
  7. Clairsentience Opening 7 days
  8. Claricognisance Opening 7 days
  9. Clairvoyance Opening 7 days
  10. DAYLONG MYSTICS RETREAT *mediumship 1, cards, readings
  11. Photo Assignment
  12. Meet Your Guides 7 days
  13. Mediumship 2 *transformative SoulStrong principles
  14. Somatic Wisdom for Mystics
  15. Channelling & Communications. Understanding projections.
  16. Healing in all Realms. How to be a true light leader.
What is the format for the 16 weeks?
  • Weekly live Zoom Sessions (most often Saturdays) with Dr. Haile (PDF chapters unlocked weekly and reviewed / taught live 
  • WhatsApp group for your small group with Haile leading you through daily guidance and mentoring
  • A Daylong Retreat in Mystics work. Oracle card, crystals and other tools will be provided to each participant. Intuitive practices to develop skills are best learned in person but an online option will be available as well.
What are the payment details?
The training is 2300usd and we offer a range of payment plans with some scholarship availability.  Please reach out if you are interested. 
* This course has a pre-requisite of completing either
A) The Intuitive COACHING Certification OR
B) The Level 1 Intuition Foundations Course (above)
C) Equivalent training, experience or mentoring.  Determined on a case-by-case basis by Dr. Haile. Please book a 15min phone call with her here to discuss.

Go deeper to develop psychic abilities and mediumship skills.


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