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How To Set Up a Successful Meditation Ritual

Meditation brings the magic.

Meditation is our gateway to understanding our inner voice. When we learn to quiet our mind’s voice through a consistent practice of being still and going inwards, our feelings are free to surface. It takes time and work, Brave One. But oh is it worth it.

We should not fear our emotions. In fact, by giving ourselves the dedicated space to feel them we are subconsciously telling ourselves that it is okay; it is okay to be free. That is when we can connect with our soul and its home, our body, to find the alignment we so desire whether we realize it or not. We lean into our intuition from a place that is calm, peaceful and safe.

Are you ready to ignite your intuition through embodied meditation?

Step 1: Set up your cocoon space

The Space

Before you can go inwards, it’s important to choose a space in which you feel comfortable and safe. It’s okay to set boundaries with your family or roommates to keep that space, and the time you’re using it, sacred. In fact, by setting those boundaries you’ll feel calmer knowing you won’t be interrupted while simultaneously setting an inspired tone for your loved ones.

The Tools

You, ready to trust the process, is all that you really need. Knowing this can make it easier to “bring the practice with you” no matter where you are. However, physical comforts are a wonderful aid to help keep you grounded and cozy as you move through the mind’s journey, possibly helping you prolong it. I suggest:

  • Pillows

  • A blanket

  • Socks and/or a shawl

  • Candles

  • A diffuser and essential oils

  • Crystals that coincide with your intentions

  • Headphones (noise-cancelling are best!)

Once you’ve arranged your sacred space, it’s time to begin.

The more regularly and more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.”

-J. Donald Walters

Step 2: Prepare your mind for meditation

It can be hard to physically stay still, and meditation is more than the practice of sitting in Lotus with your eyes closed while you try not to move and “relax” because you have to. Creating a meditation ritual can prepare not only your space, but your mind for what’s to come. Through setting up your cocoon each day before you meditate, you are telling your mind and body heads-up, we’re about to go deep. Much like brushing your teeth, flossing and reading or journaling nightly prepares you for sleep.

Step 3: Settle into a meditative state

If you’re using headphones, now is a good time to put them on. I build in delta waves that promote focus and relaxation into all of my meditation tracks, the benefits of which are best felt when using headphones.

Lay down so that your spine is aligned, your shoulders are down and away from your ears, and your head is comfortable. Place your feet on the floor, letting your knees fall together for support, ensuring your lower back is resting on the ground for support. Use whatever props such as pillows, blankets or bolsters you need to be in a fully supported, restful position.

Then, begin to bring your awareness to your body by taking deep breaths, all the way down to your belly. Connect with your body by making a mental scan of your body from head to toe while you breathe, identifying where tension lies and gently giving your body permission to release it. Your body will talk to you through sensations, activating your deep inner knowingness and keeping you in the present moment. Listen to your body, it is your soul’s vessel.

If you are listening to a guided track, now is a good time to press “play”. Remember, silent meditation isn’t about “no thoughts” at all, but rather about exploring the places between those thoughts. Acknowledge each one as it arises, thank it for its purpose, and let it go.

Step 4: Make meditation a routine

Through the daily repetition of steps one through four, it will gradually become easier to move into the habit of it, for energy flows towards where the mind goes. The more you repeat the meditative mindset the more you strengthen that pathway in your mind.

Your body has more wisdom than you know. Are you ready to listen?

At SoulStrong, all of our Intuitive Coaches are certified SoulStrong method Meditation Coaches because the practice of meditation is so crucial to any healing journey. Our role is to help clients open up to their intuition so that they can recognize their own answers, create their dreams, manifest what they want, and deeply know — every day — what is right for them and aligned with their purpose on this earth. As Light Leaders, they in turn may coach their clients to the same discovery. The Butterfly Effect of goodness. When you’re listening to your intuition, you’re coming from a place of alignment with your highest self.

Now, let’s meditate.

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