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Intuition changes everything.

The SoulStrong lifestyle is living a life consistently guided by your intuition. It is the process of learning how to listen to your higher self and trusting yourself. When you begin to take steps forward in your life, health and career that are based on listening to your own intuition, you’re coming from a place of alignment with your highest self.

The results of living from a strong soul paradigm — being unafraid of the blurred lines that history has created between religion and spirituality, and also being brave and compassionate as we help show others that intuition is a safe place to explore — is connectivity to the self (mind and soul) and developing a deep respect for the body. It is about each person’s innate knowingness, not about each person’s belief in god, gods, or no gods.

This work is equally as magical, rewarding and fulfilling as it is challenging.

Its implications in your life are far-reaching. Doing the deep dive into your subconscious and engaging in SoulStrong habits on a daily basis can positively affect your personal happiness, physical health, and even your business and career as you begin to understand how they all connect. As you come from this place of alignment – from a place of listening to your intuition on all things – the positive decision-outcome will become clearer (if not easier).

Founder. Intuitive. Thought Leader.

In my former work life, I was a naturopathic doctor. As I began to understand the connection between body and soul more and more, my practice became about mentoring and counselling patients on embodiment and intuition. I offered them clear, practical steps to igniting their intuition through meditation, connection and embodiment. I found that my passion for teaching these concepts started to evolve how I wanted to share my light with the world, and I pivoted into founding SoulStrong. Now I train therapists, health practitioners, and coaches to apply and teach intuition in their own practices.

Everything you need is within you.

So what are “intuition” and “hypnotherapy” really?

That ability to innately understand something immediately; the internal knowing free of conscious reasoning – that is your INTUITION. Intuition, in my view, is the most important tool that we can bring forward as healers and coaches in our fields and to our clients. We, as what I call ‘Light Leaders’ — leading the way for others — need to be unafraid to stand tall in our own intuition and in the biggest versions of ourselves. We need to lead others to their most expanded, empowered and fullest potentials, and states of health.

HYPNOTHERAPY is a therapeutic technique in which hypnosis creates a state of focused attention and increased susceptibility to positive coaching. It’s most often used to help people deal with underlying fears and issues that they might not be able to otherwise deal with on a “conscious” level.

In order to trust and ignite your own intuition, you must first move past the blocks deeply rooted in your subconscious.

Working with intuition stretches you unlike any other work. It requires commitment to yourself, to your reason for stepping up to do this work, and to the SoulStrong community. We are here for you.

If you are embarking on a SoulStrong course with us, or attempting to hone your intuition on your own, I ask you to first and foremost be kind and compassionate with yourself and to trust and listen to your intuition first.

The world needs you so very much.

To lay the foundation for this incredibly powerful work, setting up your SoulStrong Habits are key to success. These are habits that you have or would like to create that help you feel good. They are things that you know are in alignment for you and things you can come back to when you feel out of alignment. Intuitively you know they feel right. They are not shoulds or someone else’s ideals. Some of these habits you may do daily, some weekly, and some even monthly. Examples include: Waking up early to meditate, regular exercise or movement that feels good, food preparation, enough time with each of your kids, intentional connection to your kids and partner, cleaning out the fridge, keeping your spaces clean, etc.

Once you’ve laid the foundation, we can continue the journey. I hope that you will return to this space to discover more about how SoulStrong can change your life as you discover the power within you.

The World has gone through an incredible shift of late.

Having a deeper awareness and understanding how I handle the unexpected (through intuition!) has helped my nervous system and empowered me to move into 2021 in a way that feels aligned with my purpose despite the uncertainty.

I trust my intuition.

My hope for you is the same. That instead of fearing what lays ahead, we can give ourselves the tools to dive in and do the work. It’s our time to shine and help others do the same.

Do you want to learn how to ignite your own intuition? Contact me, Dr. Haile, for a free 20-minute discovery call here.

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