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What is SoulStrong?

SoulStrong is a training institution founded on the work of Dr. Haile Michaelson, a retired naturopathic doctor, who is pioneering the connection between body and soul. Dr. Haile's work includes clear practical steps to igniting your intuition through meditation, connection, and embodiment. SoulStrong's Intuitive Coaching program trains existing Coaches, therapists, and heal practitioners in how to apply intuition to their work and how to teach their clients to recognize and apply intuition to their lives. Students in the Coaching program also include people launching a coaching business of any kind. The program teaches students how to customize the use of intuition, no matter the specialty they are pursuing. (Our graduates even include corporate and business coaches!)

At SoulStrong, we recognize the huge need for people all over the world to tap into and start living by the guidance of their intuition. In the Fall of 2020, Intuition Foundations opened to the public, bringing the tools and teaching from components of the coaching program to anyone interested in igniting and applying their intuition. At SoulStrong, we believe that everyone is intuitive and can build a more fulfilled life and career by applying their innate inner wisdom.

Our Mission

SoulStrong's mission is to empower people to ignite their own innate knowingness, which we call intuition, and to live a truly aligned, intuition-directed life in all areas. We believe that healing, self-actualization, and the highest levels of wellness require intuition-centered steps. We also believe each person has the ability to learn to recognize this instinct, find balance, health and transformation.

Our Vision

SoulStrong's vision is to move humanity forward into true body and soul integration, where intuition is recognized and empowered. We aim to help everyone understand that intuition is separate from any religion and that your intuition will speak to you in whatever way resonates best with your soul. We seek to expand the mainstream practices that are limited to mind-body-only medicine and coaching/counseling, knowing that the mind-body-only approach limits a person's ability to attain higher levels of self-actualization, empowerment and transformation. Our goal is to educate and empower the many people who are reaching out for help (from dis-aligned lifestyles, muffled intuition, confusion in what to follow, how to heal, who to listen to) to find their answers within their own deep intuition and ability to hear their higher selves. 


Our Programs

SoulStrong's programs provide tools and structure to guide you on your journey. Our coaches will walk you through a 10-12 module program, with tools like PDF booklets and homework that help move you towards transformation. All of our coaches are trained to use their own intuition as they coach you and to teach you how to use yours to overcome blocks, find your path, and trust yourself more. In all SoulStrong programs, you will learn mindfulness, embodiment, and meditation. 

Working with a SoulStrong coach is an amazing way to become clear on what it is you want to see change, and have help with the steps, the awakening of intuition and the momentum needed for transformation.

All programs are designed to move you forward from the place you are at right now, through the transformation you are craving, and to the life, health and purpose you have been imagining and preparing to create. 


Our team and teaching faculty is comprised of experts with unparalleled experience. We know it's impossible to be an expert in everything. So, we have sought out the best in the specialities we offer to provide our students the best education.

Founder & Program Director

 Dr. Haile Michaelson is a clinical hypnotherapist, and retired naturopathic doctor who is pioneering the connection between body and soul. She holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and in addition to her naturopathic practice (and opening multiple clinics), she has mentored and counseled patients on embodiment and intuition for decades. Dr. Haile's work includes clear practical steps to igniting your intuition through meditation, connection, and embodiment. Her passion for teaching these concepts includes training therapists, health practitioners, and coaches to apply and teach intuition in their own practices. Her healing work is world-changing. 

Content Strategist & Certified Intuitive Coach

 Ginny comes to SoulStrong with a professional background in storytelling, advertising, content strategy, and project management.  After her own transformation evolved from truly embracing her life's story, even though it was not the one she had planned, she set out to become an Intuitive Coach to empower other women to embrace and share their stories. She feels privileged to be able to use her career experience to propel the mission of SoulStrong forward, so the ground-breaking work of connecting body and soul can reach more people.  

Social Media Manager & Certified Intuitive Coach

Erin spent 15 years helping powerhouse creatives and entrepreneurs flesh out their visions and turn them into thriving businesses. Her work has included translating their mission visually to social media, building programs, creating systems to structure their business, or hashing out operations and logistics. Once a serial side-hustler, she has now invested fully in her vision: coaching other creative entrepreneurs with mega visions, who are ready to change the world. Erin finds immense joy in bringing her knowledge and experience in several industries to the SoulStrong team, so the wisdom that Dr. Haile has instilled into the programs can reach all corners of the globe.​



Trixie comes to SoulStrong with an active practice as an MSW. She has an extensive background in helping clients and their families work through issues including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addictions, grief/loss, and self-harm. Her post Masters training includes Neurosequential Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. In addition to being a Certified Intuitive Coach, Trixie has recently become a certified End-of-Life Doula. Trixie brings a full understanding of emotions to the Coaching certification program and is helping to develop a new program about transforming through loss.


Amy bring business expertise to the SoulStrong family, helping program graduates identify the niche they are passionate about and successfully launch a businesses in the market they want to be in. Her expertise in brand development, business development, and marketing combined with her experience launching and franchising her own start-up brings a unique perspective to SoulStrong's business courses. Amy received the BDO Top 40 under 40 award and has her own consulting company, Diamond Light Coaching, which focuses on helping coaches launch a business and find dream clients.


Dunya's experience in hospitality and event planning gives you the feeling that you've known her forever, a skill that is not lost in her work as a medium. Through mediumship has been able to help clients heal through connecting with loved ones who have passed. Her compassion for clients is undeniable as she equips them to recognize when their loved ones are trying to connect. In her years of coaching and mediumship, she has been able to help people connect better not only with loved ones but with themselves. Dunya brings the expertise of these connections to SoulStrong's Mystics program, which serves both the curious and those desiring to sharpen their skills.


Ethel has been coaching for more than two decades, with a focus on executives, teams, and leadership development. Her expertise in cultivating new teams and supporting emerging leaders brings a powerful perspective of coaching to the SoulStrong Intuitive Coaching program. Ethel educates our students on how to develop and mentor emotional intelligence, create awareness with leadership blocks and facilitate leadership programs. While Ethel's credentials pack a punch (Coaching Consultant, Facilitator, Certified ICF Professional, Coaching Training Institute), her calling has always been clear to her. She sees the beauty and power in all humans and works with them to unleash it.


Sam's experience as a Registered Clinical Counsellor, who empowers individuals to take a proactive role in healing trauma from the inside-out, adds a unique touch to the coaching techniques we teach at SoulStrong. She educates our students on trauma and the variety of therapeutic techniques to effectively support clients who have experienced trauma with mindful-based somatic therapy. The knowledge she brings to our coaches includes knowing when to refer for specialized treatment, like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).


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