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And we teach you to listen in.

Intuition Changes Everything.

Elevate Your Life


You feel a pull to dive deeper, understand the inner oasis of wisdom, and know your own answers.

SoulStrong is a platform for teaching intuition and Intuition Focused Therapy®, a framework for practitioners to create a deeper transformation and healing, via embodiment, intuition, mind-body-soul interface and meditation training for their clients.


We offer Short-Courses in igniting intuition, and also intensive certification trainings in coaching, hypnotherapy, and advanced IFT® skills.  These trainings are designed both for established practitioners and those coming to the healing arts for the first time or for a new career!

Achieve your goals, live with passion, and inspire others.  


Everything You Need Is Within You

Thought Leader.

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Dr. Haile Michaelson, BA, ND(non-practicing), CHt founded SoulStrong to empower others with their deepest intuitive wisdom.  She is a clinical hypnotherapist, and retired naturopathic doctor who is pioneering the connection between body and soul.

She holds a bachelors degree in Psychology & Nutrition, and a Naturopathic Doctorate.  In an incredible quest to deeply know and understand healing, she practiced clinical naturopathic medicine (and opening multiple clinics), and mentored patients on embodiment and intuition. Dr. Haile's work includes clear practical steps to igniting your intuition through meditation, connection, and embodiment. Her passion for teaching these concepts includes training therapists, health practitioners, and coaches to apply and teach intuition in their own lives and work with clients. Her healing work is world-changing.

Intuition is the key to everything.


Develop Intuition For Work & Life

Learn how to take yourself and your clients deeper and farther in their healing journeys with intuition, hypnotherapy-based subconscious mindset coaching, and meditation. 


SoulStrong IFT® Certification Trainings

Move forward from your IFT® training into advanced work in intuitive clinical hypnotherapy, intuitive coaching & soul journeys.


Find A SoulStrong Certified Practitioner

Let our supportive training network of SoulStrong coaches help you manifest the life of your dreams.

The deep inner knowingness you need to navigate the world and create a life you love, all rests inside you.

- Haile Michaelson

Join our podcast
Dr. Haile Michaelson

Intuition changes everything. 

We all have innate inner wisdom. This podcast is created to help you trust and ignite it. Dr. Haile Michaelson will introduce you to embodiment, meditation, deep healing, all in a process designed to move past your blocks and ignite your intuition. 

Are you ready to live a life you love?


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