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IFT® Subconscious Journey

What you'll get:

5 Subconscious Journeys

Be guided by a certified SoulStrong Practitioner biweekly, who will take you into your subconscious to discover your soul, inner workings and to help release blocks holding you back

Ongoing support from your Guide

You will have access to your guide when you need it most. This journey allows you to open up spaces that need it - and therefore, we are here for you in this opening.

Enrollment into Intuition Foundations*

Ignite your Intuition 8 Week course. *This must be done as a pre-requisite to starting your 5 subconscious journeys.

Our SoulStrong Journal to help your journey

Record all breakthroughs, intricate moments, and memories that arise in your journeys and discover their hidden meanings.

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