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The SoulStrong Institute

Intuitive Focused Therapy® Coaching Certification

Magical Bridge Intuition

Our most adored program to get you coaching intuitively.

You know you are meant to help others heal from a place of flow.

The missing piece you need is learn how to guide deep healing sessions from your intuition and be more connected to yourself.

You do not need to work harder to begin living
a more abundant + connected life.

You can know all your own answers and follow a deeper sense of purpose. 
You can learn all the tools to work with others in a deeper, impactful way.
Allow us to show you the way!

Become a certified Intuition Focused Therapy® Coach and provide deep value for your practice.

You know what your dream life feels like. It's time to call it in.

Help others with your own intuitive flow and have more ease in your life.

- Do you want to begin living a more fulfilling life? Do you want to go through a personal transformation while learning how to deeply heal others?
- Do you want more ease in your work life? Do you want your ability to help others to come from flow and have your ideal clients booking in to see you daily?

- Do you want to feel purposeful while helping others reach their own dreams? Knowing that your support is creating a brand new outlook and feeling for them in their lives?

Small group or private coaching.

We know that every learner needs unique and tailored support through this journey.

We are a fully online, small group or privately mentored teaching platform that offers exclusive certifications for practitioners.

Groups are kept very small to uphold the highest standards and support. 

Through Intuition Focused Therapy® training you will:

  • Do work that fuels your soul, every single day

  • Feel extremely connected to your own intuition, and knowing the next steps to changing your life

  • Work wherever in the world you like, and attract clients you love

  • Live day in and day out in complete alignment with your purpose

  • Expand your current practice by creating more income from flow

  • Learn how to let go of personal blocks to success, and release the need to hustle + grind

  • Make more money from your connection to abundance

  • Shine in your work + live a life you love

What You'll Get - IFT

SoulStrong's 'Triple Certification'

Become a Soulstrong Master Practitioner

Intuition Focused Therapy® Coaching Certification

Meditation Teacher Training

IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


Haile Michaelson

"It's Time To Be Your Biggest Expression
of Your Beautiful Self. "

Dr. Haile  

Find out if this is right for you

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