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Finally unlock the life you've been dreaming of.

Our Intuition Foundations course help you to discover your deepest desires and lead a life of fulfillment.

You feel a tug and you don't know why..

There's something within you that wants to be heard.

You want to feel excited about your life.
You know you are meant for more.
You desire deeper connections
You want to understand the pull you feel.

You want to feel whole and trusting of your life.

You are done feeling tired, bored and disconnected. You want to be lit up by your life and by the connection you have to the world around you. You desire to make decisions from a confident place, and know the next steps that you need to take.

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Imagine a world where you know your answers.

This is an extraordinary world, where you only do what you need and want.

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Where you are now

  • You are lost/unsure of what your next steps are
  • You feel a disconnection to yourself
  • You are 'stuck', and bored with your day to day life
  • You feel you have no direction of what's happening to you in your personal and business life
  • You find it hard to trust yourself
  • You can't decipher what your emotions/reactions to life are telling you and why

Where you'll be from now on

  • You will exist with an unshakeable trust of self 
  • You operate from flow and connection
  • You fully create your life + what happens to you
  • You know your own answers/what your next steps are
  • You understand your needs/emotions, and how to receive them
  • You make aligned decisions for personal success

It's the only way that you truly want to live.

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How your life will be changed:

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Learn your emotions
Discover stillness
Understand body connection
Feel wholeness
Connect to your intuition
Believe emotions
Immerse in meditation
Self mindfulness


Wholeness as you are
Trust + safety in life
Connected to emotions
Aligned discovery of self
Unshakeable foundation
Peaceful days
Confidence in business
Deeper relationships


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Intuition Foundations Course Outline

Week 1 / Introduction to Intuition + Meditation

Introduction to intuition, working on your alignment table + what feels good to you. Learn how to quiet the mind and start your meditations.

Week 3 / Mindset Mastery + Rewriting your Storyline

Dive into how you can change your mind through your awareness of freedom, and begin to create a new storyline that is more aligned with you.

Week 5 / Discovering that The Body is Everything

Learn about the intricacies and sensitivities of the body, and how the way we speak/see our bodies effects our love for self.

Week 7 / The Soul's Big Journey to Alignment

Feel yourself as you shine without subconscious blocks, and journal to discover your biggest dreams and purpose.

Week 2 / Using Emotions + Awareness for Intuition

Learn how to understand what your emotions are telling you when they arise, and discover why it's good to be aware of your feelings.

Week 4 / Living by Your Mind + Body Connection

Connect yourself deeply into your mind + body, and understand how you can choose to experience higher vibrational emotions.

Week 6 / The Secrets of Healing + Your Thoughts

Discovering ways in which you desire to grow + heal, and what may be holding you back. Spend time hearing your intuition through practice.

Week 8 / Standing in Your Truth with Trust

Our practices to keep you living in your trust, with your personal boundaries and according to what you + your body (intuition) is telling you. Forever.

"This course has completely changed my life. It taught me to be more intentional with how I live, and how to understand and process my feelings.

Being introduced to meditation has been the best way for me to cope with my anxiety, while also learning mindfulness and intuition.
I have also learnt how to ultimately live a more purposeful life.

Thank you SoulStrong for transforming how I view the world!!"



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Starry Night

Intuition Foundations course

- 8 life-changing modules with video
- 28 Days of Meditation
- Perspective Papers
 BONUS video content
- BONUS meditations

$444 USD

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Once you open up yourself to hear your intuition, you will attract everything you desire.

  • Feel extremely connected to your own intuition, and knowing the next steps to changing your life

  • Discover what work you love; work wherever in the world you like, and attract clients you love

  • Live day in and day out in complete alignment with your purpose

  • Learn how to let go of personal blocks to success, and release the need to hustle + grind

  • Make more money from your connection to abundance

  • Shine in your daily life + live a life you love

  • Do work that fuels your soul, every single day

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How much time do I need to dedicate a week to this course?

We recommend 3hrs/week to fully integrate your meditations, learnings + homework.

What if I don't enjoy the materials?

Our Intuition Foundations course is non-refundable. We give you access when you sign up, and therefore we cannot refund your money spent.

Can I get further support in this course?

Yes, you absolutely can. We offer 1:1 coaching + Whatsapp monthly support to allow you a space to integrate your journey fully with Lindsay Rice.

What is 28 Days of Meditation?

With this course you get 28 SoulStrong meditations to support you on your intuition journey. If you'd like to download these meditations, we have them for sale.

How do the meditations support me?

The SoulStrong meditations provide space for stillness, and a way to quiet the mind - so you can journey further into your inner world.

What are Perspective Papers?

These are further teachings that help you to better understand and perceive the lessons that we give you. They can also be used as homework.

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What they say about us..

“My transformation.. has been more than I could have ever imagined. The feelings of embodiment, intuitiveness, worthiness, empowerment, and understanding all the wisdom I have within myself. Living my life grounded, embodied and awakened has been such a profound gift and joy. "


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