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Soul Journey Therapy® Certification

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You feel called to take clients way higher into soul spaces to heal on karmic and multidimensional levels

Soul Journey Therapy® Certification is an advanced intensive training for certified clinical hypnotherapists to learn the highest levels of healing.

Learn a sequence of scripts to take clients to discover their purpose, meet a spirit guide, council, understand their life path, karmic bonds, twin flames and manifestation from soul levels.  

This course will change your work forever. Once you know how to heal at the level of soul, there's nothing more powerful.

Subconscious work unlike anything you've seen

This is an unparalleled approach to healing. Your clients will receive insight on their soul's purpose and calling. You will learn to use the subconscious mind to help your client discover incredible feelings of freedom + knowingness.

Learn the different soul purposes

Not everyone is here to 'do' or 'build' the world.  Some souls are here to practice various virtues like patience.  Some souls are here to experience deep love.  Some are here to heal a very specific karmic pain.  Some are here to help the others with a specific lesson.  Purpose is deeper and richer than most people know.

SoulStrong's  Master Level Program

Complete all pre-requisites, and speak to our team about becoming a Master Level SoulStrong Certified Practitioner. Your work will be rooted in helping your clients heal using the space between lives and the deep subconscious.

Understand the magic

Begin to understand deeply the different kinds of invisible magic and energy that is happening around you. Twin flames, The Greatest Love, and the Journey Home to self space is all explained and you are helped to feel into these spaces as the practitioner.

Our Master Level Practitioner Certification - the complete magic.

How you'll become the guide :

  • Reconnect your clients with their true authentic self

  • Immerse your clients journey into the space between lives


  • Support your clients in understanding their purpose here and reason for this embodied experience in present time and circumstance

  • Become a master in connecting your clients with guides, soul council and ascended support for their journey

  • Hold space for your clients to heal deep karmic threads, related to purpose, mission and deep soul pain

  • Attune the body to soul connection, to relieve discomfort at the level of deep embodiment


Discover the course

5 integrative modules, including :

- Hypnotherapy Journey scripts

- The Greatest Love

- Manifestation + Money

Become a SoulStrong Master Practitioner

Be able to connect your clients to their ultimate level of healing, and to their innate vibration.

Intuition Focused Therapy® Coaching Certification
IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Soul Journey Therapy Certification

How to get certified as a Master Practitioner:


What you need to know about this course

How long will the course take me to finish?

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

What are the pre-requisites, and how long will they take to finish?

In order to get certified in Soul Journey® Therapy, need to complete:

  • Triple Certification to start the Soul Journey Therapy Certification (this is the 18-week program called IFT Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification - learn more about it here.)

  • 3-6 months of active clinical hypnotherapy work 

  • interview with the team at SoulStrong join waitlist here

  • complete 3 Soul Journey sessions with a SoulStrong Practitioner join waitlist here

In total, this entire journey can take up to 9 months.

What do I need to do to graduate in this course?

There are 4 key components to getting certified in Soul Journey® Therapy.

  1. Complete the key assignments and case studies, and attend ALL workshops.

  2. Create a welcome paragraph, for your clients on ‘what is Soul Journey Therapy®’

  3. Attend all lectures. If any are missed, you need to watch the video and let your teacher know you have watched it and caught up.

  4. Take 2 clients through the entire journey during the training

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