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Become a Powerful SoulStrong IFT® Practitioner



SoulStrong's certification trainings, are here to guide you on your journey towards becoming the most powerful and skilled practitioner you can be. The mind-body-soul interface, intuitive empowerment and a deeper intuition-based skill set are the way of the future in medicine, and healing. All of our certification trainings begin with IFT®, Intuition Focused Therapy and meditation teacher training. This will allow you to ignite your own intuition, and learn the foundational steps to then teach others. You will be able to facilitate deeper healing and powerful transformation, for those you work with.  The amazing part about learning intuition is that you can empower your clients to become their own guru, know their own answers, and attain incredible transformation.

Our founder, Dr. Haile Michaelson noticed the missing piece for so many practitioners is soul level knowledge,. All certification trainings with us willmove you forward from the place you are at right now, to a higher level of transformation you are craving, and to the life, health and purpose you have been dreaming of.

Let us help you take your practice and clients farther.

Not sure where to start? The first step is to journey through the IFT® course!  It is the pre-requisite for all certifications.  Participants have the choice of small group (10 sessions via zoom) or private mentoring (8 sessions with Dr. Haile or lead faculty).  This course comes with a beautiful 189 page manual with client tools and a set of guided meditations designed to ignite intuition.  

Once you register we will reach out to help you book private sessions or to add you to a small group! 

Intuition Focused Therapy® Training



The Pre-Requisite Course

Ignite your intuition.

Become more powerful practitioner.

This training will help you integrate intuition into your existing life and/ or work and give you the tools to teach others how to tap into their own intuition and listen to their bodies.

Image by Spencer Davis
IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapy 


This is an advanced training in subconscious healing, using healing pathways based on IFT®.

IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful skillset for removing deep rooted blocks in your clients via subconscious healing.  Most practitioners can relate to craving the ability to dive deeper with clients into core beliefs, resolution of emotional residues and deeper subconscious blocks.

Learn how to access the subconscious, remove blocks and create deeper transformation and healing for your clients. This course includes private mentoring, PDF modules, guided hypnosis tracks, protocols and scripts for your practice.

SoulStrong-SM-JanFeb2021-02 (1).jpg
IFT® Intuitive Coaching Certification


Start a new career or add intuition to your current work and life!

Learn what it means to be intuitive, how it will elevate your life, and how to apply SoulStrong's practical steps to both strengthen your intuitive skills, and coach others to find transformation, learn to meditate and live their best lives. Become a mentor for others in embodiment, meditation, and deep healing.

This certification is completed in small groups, with a mentor and uses an online platform to deliver PDF modules, guided meditations and teaching videos.

Image by Jen Theodore
Soul Journey Hypnotherapy Certification

Learn the between-lives spaces of healing.  Help your clients find their purpose, reconnect to their authentic self and heal on the deepest levels of soul, soul-to-body interface, and subconscious mindset.

This training is for advanced practitioners who have completed IFT Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mystics Trainings 🦋

Image by Jen Theodore

Are you ready to journey towards your highest self and elevate your practice but still have questions?  Email our team to ask for clarity and we will reply within 48hrs 💙

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