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The SoulStrong Institue


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Become a SoulStrong practitioner.

Learn intuition, and go deeper into soul.

SoulStrong's certification trainings, are here to guide you on your journey towards becoming the most successful and skilled practitioner you can be. The mind-body-soul interface, intuitive empowerment and a deeper intuition-based skill set are the way of the future in medicine, and healing. All of our certification trainings begin with IFT®, Intuition Focused Therapy and meditation teacher training. This will allow you to ignite your own intuition, and learn the foundational steps to then teach others. You will be able to facilitate deeper healing and powerful transformation, for those you work with.  The amazing part about learning intuition is that you can empower your clients to become their own guru, know their own answers, and attain incredible transformation.

Our founder, Dr. Haile Michaelson noticed the missing piece for so many practitioners is soul level knowledge,. All certification trainings with us willmove you forward from the place you are at right now, to a higher level of transformation you are craving, and to the life, health and purpose you have been dreaming of.

Let us help you take your practice and clients farther.

Not sure where to start? The first step is to journey through the IFT® Coaching Certification course!  It is the pre-requisite for all certifications. This course comes with a beautiful 189 page manual with client tools and a set of guided meditations designed to ignite intuition.  

For the Coach

Offer a higher standard in intuition training & soul level healing as a certified IFT coach/hypnotherapist.

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Level 1

Intuition Focused Therapy® Coaching Certification.

Ignite your intuition, and

learn to teach others how to build and use their intuition.

Take yourself and your clients deeper and farther in their healing journeys with intuition,  mindset coaching, mind-body medicine, and meditation. 

What you get:

- 28 Days of Meditation

- Certified as an Intuition Focused Therapy® Coach

-Meditation Teacher

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Level 2

IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification.

The subconscious is where our deepest wisdom resides. Our clinical hypnotherapy certification will show you a gentle yet powerful method of hypnotherapy.

Help your clients resolve negative core beliefs, cyclical self-sabotage, blocks to wellness, affluence and deeper desires / manifestation.

What you get:

- our famousTriple Certification

1. Intuition Focused Therapy® Coach

2. Meditation Teacher

3. IFT® Clinical Hypnotherapist

- 28 Days of Meditation

- all documents necessary to start your practice

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Level 3

Soul Journey® 
Hypnotherapy Certification.

Access the highest soul spaces between lives.

Take your clients on the most profound transformative journeys to meet a spirit guide, discover their soul's purpose and deeper desires, and learn to create their dreams from a whole new level.

What you get:

- Certification as a Soul Journey® SoulStrong Practitioner

- The ability to join our team as a SoulStrong Master practitioner

Chose between small group or private mentoring

We know that each learner needs specific and tailored support through the journey, 

so we limit our groups to 6 people

and we offer one-on-one private mentoring.

"Learning intuition and the subconscious
will give you the missing pieces in your practice, that you currently can sense, but can't figure out how to fulfill. As healers, we all crave being able to take our clients farther and deeper on their healing journeys.
Mind-body-AND SOUL medicine is the way of the future in healing and in integrative client care"

- Haile Michaelson
7 Days of Meditation
Free Journey

Intuition changes everything. 

We all have innate inner wisdom. This meditation sequence is created to help you trust and ignite it. Haile Michaelson will introduce you to embodiment, deep healing, all in a process designed to move past your blocks and ignite your intuition. 

Are you ready to live a life you love?

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