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The Learning Journey

Testimonials from Trainees

This learning journey is transformative like no other...

I would highly recommend any of the SoulStrong programs. The attention and care from Dr. Haile and the SoulStrong team is genuine, supportive, and adds to an enjoyable overall experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from these knowledgeable women and join this amazing community. I have especially found the Hypnotherapy training to be an incredibly useful tool to offer to my clients, who have reported powerful results! 

Dr. Jenna Creaser, MD


When I joined the SoulStrong Coaching Program, I already had an Executive Coaching business and was an experienced coach. The missing link for me has always been this inner knowingness that the clients I’m coaching need more than just tactical support, but I didn’t know how to translate that into words.  This program was exactly what I was looking for – it is the mind-body-soul connection all clients need in order to see success in their desired transformations.  While soul is not talked about a lot in the Executive Coaching field, it is vital for people to learn about in order to sharpen their intuition for true success.  It is the key to making clearer, more aligned decisions, and is the piece that is missing from all the current coaching programs out there.

Haile is a very special person and can draw out more from you than anyone I have ever known.  I love how she starts the program with self-healing  – because after all, coaching something you have been through yourself is far more effective than anything else.  I truly believe that this is the only program out there that gives just as much importance to your self-healing, as it does to learning the tools to coach your clients through their healing journeys.

If you are someone who knows you have a bigger mission and purpose in life, love to help others, know that you are at your core a healer and a light leader, you must join this program!  It is life-changing and will bring you so much joy and fulfillment in your life, your mission, and your dreams!

Amy Smith


I was blessed to have Soul Strong, Trixie and Dr. Haile come into my life at a very critical time.  I was unknowingly living my life in fight or flight from childhood traumas that I was unaware I was carrying in my adult life.  The feelings of overwhelm, loss and purpose were very prominent in my life but I just thought this was the way my life was “supposed to be”.  Always the doer for everyone else’s needs, keeping myself small and squashed and living with guilt and shame.

The transformation over the last 6 months has been more than I could have ever imagined.  The feelings of embodiment, intuitiveness, worthiness, empowerment, and understanding all the wisdom I have within myself.  Living my life grounded, embodied and awakened has been such a profound gift and joy.  I am excited to share this knowledge and wisdom to others and guide them on their journey.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Trixie, Dr. Haile and my SoulStrong Sisters for providing me safe space, love, support and community on my journey of creating my new storyline.

Vanessa Renouf


I remember reading the Soulstrong philosophy on the website and thinking that this program was made for me. I had no doubt. It was aligned with the direction I was taking in my life. I completed the Women’s Course and am currently partway through the 6 month Soulstrong Coaching Program. We just finished our first 2 day meditation retreat. I love everything about this program, and it has helped me progress in my meditation journey. The coaching program requires work on yourself, before transitioning to work with others. I am continually reminded that I am in exactly the right place. Dr. Haile is such a generous and powerful spirit. I feel blessed to be learning and benefitting from her direction and teachings. If these programs speak to you, I encourage you to take the next step and change your life. You will never look back.
Laura McLeod


I help the family and friends of people struggling with addiction.  I always knew I needed something more, something to tie all the pieces together.  That something was SoulStrong.  It gave my courses, my business and me, personally, the foundation and the soul, to move forward and truly help my clients. This is a wonderful program that everyone can benefit from.

Lorraine Nylund


SoulStrong's unique ability to reach a deeper level of internal healing has forever shifted my life with uplifting positivity and enlightenment. 

Severely suffering mental, physical and emotional pain for years, I was shown how powerful it feels to break free from the cycle of past pains and hurt. 

SoulStrong's team of dedicated professionals are innovative, knowledgeable, charismatic and because of them I am able to connect confidently with my intuition while deepening my sense of self. 

With passion and compassion, the essence of SoulStrong allowed me to freely express myself, removing blocks and fears easily and effectively 

There is an imperative need for SoulStrong coaches and this incredible work. 

I now shine internally and externally as a result of many life enhancing experiences I have had with SoulStrong.

You've all touched my heart and soul. 

Helped me grow, learn and heal and I am truly so very grateful to all of you at SoulStrong.

Jocelynn Matthews


As with all living things, change is possible. Arriving at Soul Strong was the chrysalis; my transformation from mind to body to soul voice. In the beginning, I was invited to build a cocoon outside my body. I imagined a beautiful space with light and cozy cushions to call my own. However, I found no such space and spent the summer months roaming my home, my yard, and the surrounding mountains seeking the perfect cocoon only to discover that I was in it already and it was time for my imaginal cells to transform. 

In those early days of meditation, I felt like I was a stone skipping on the surface of a beautiful lake. I wanted to dive down but I was afraid of what lay under the cool, dark waters. However, with each day and mediation, I slowly peeled back the layers of my cocoon, at times painfully, until cracks of light began to appear. As my soul voice began to shine through, I dove deeper and felt the molten lava warm me from below and the sun from the heavens from above. It was glorious and terrifying to unravel the familiar strands of control as I begun embracing and loving my wild, free self.

Malayna Gross


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