What is SoulStrong®?

SoulStrong® is a platform for healing and transformation via our programs led by our coaches, and it is also an intuitive coaching certification training program.


What is the mission of  SoulStrong®?

SoulStrong® has a mission of empowering people to ignite their own innate knowingness / intuition and live a truly aligned, intuition-directed life.  We believe that healing, self-actualization, and the highest levels of wellness require intuition-centred steps.  We also believe each person has the ability to learn to listen to this instinct, find balance, health and transformation. 

What is the vision of SoulStrong®?

SoulStrong® has a vision of humanity moving forward into true mind-body AND soul integration, where intuition is understood as separate from religion, and each persons ability to know and listen is learned and at the forefront.  Current mainstream practices are limited to mind-body-only medicine and coaching/counselling, which limits each person's ability to attain higher levels of self-actualization, empowerment and transformation.  We can see how many people are reaching out for help from dis-aligned lifestyles, muffled intuition, confusion in what to follow, how to heal, who to listen to.  The answers lie within each persons deep intuition and ability to hear their higher selves. 


What are the SoulStrong® programs?

We have developed programs that will provide tools and structure to guide you on your journey.  Our coaches will walk you through a 10-12 module program, with PDF booklets and homework to work through for tools and help with moving towards transformation.  They will do sessions with you that are rooted in intuition, helping you KNOW yourself and your path. They also will teach you mindfulness as you connect mind, body and soul. 

Working with a SoulStrong coach is an amazing way to become clear on what it is you want to see change, and have help with the steps, the awakening of intuition and the momentum needed for transformation.

All programs are designed to move you forward from the place you are at right now, through the transformation you are craving, and to the life, health and purpose you have been imagining and preparing to create. 

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