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About SoulStrong


Lindsay Rice

Lindsay Rice, IFT® Coach,
President + CEO


Lindsay Rice is the President & CEO of The SoulStrong Institute. Being a graduate of the IFT® Certified Coaching program herself, she has created a deep understanding of intuition and an even deeper passion to bringing intuitive knowledge to the world.


Lindsay is well-known in many different areas of life through her dedication to her passions and work, including : Real Estate Development/Property Management, racing cars, freediving, intuitive coaching, and holding the position of Chair of the board of Marine Megafauna Foundation Canada - saving ocean giants through charity efforts. When she isn't having fun guiding those to soul work, she is stunt driving for commercials and reminiscing on her days as a professional race car driver with Audi in Canada. 


She is dedicated to sharing her story and her influence of living a life of alignment - and helping others to heal. She brings an incredibly supportive business mindset to the team at SoulStrong, with her vision and her dedication to doing meaningful work. 

Haile Michaelson

Haile Michaelson, BA(Psych), ND, CHt


Haile Michaelson uses SoulStrong courses to empower others with their deepest intuitive wisdom.  She is a clinical hypnotherapist, and non-practicing naturopathic doctor who is pioneering the connection between body and soul.

She holds a bachelors degree in Psychology & Nutrition, and a Naturopathic Doctorate.  In an incredible quest to deeply know and understand healing, she practiced clinical naturopathic medicine (and opening multiple clinics), and mentored patients on embodiment and healing. Haile's work includes clear practical steps to igniting your intuition through meditation, connection, and embodiment. Her passion for teaching these concepts includes training therapists, health practitioners, and coaches to apply and teach intuition in their own lives and work with clients. Her healing work is world-changing.

Trixi Henderson

Trixie Hennessey MSW, RSW


Trixie is a Registered Therapist and SoulStrong Intuitive Coach and mentor. Trixie is well respected in the field of eating disorders and known for her work with grief. She has received post Masters training in Neurosequential Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Emotion Focused Family Therapy and her clinical training has been focused on evidence-based attachment and interpersonal neurobiology techniques to treat a range of symptoms and challenges. Trixie is also a certified End-of-Life Doula. 

She brings huge passion and leadership to SoulStrong and is lit up by helping others turn their soul’s mission into a movement that leads them directly to the best versions of themselves. Trixie knows personally and professionally how powerful the SoulStrong intuitive process is in gaining clarity, and supporting the healing process.

Our Vision

SoulStrong's vision is to move humanity forward into true body and soul integration, where intuition is recognized and empowered. We aim to help everyone understand that intuition is separate from any religion and that your intuition will speak to you in whatever way resonates best with your soul. We seek to expand the mainstream practices that are limited to mind-body-only medicine and coaching/counseling, knowing that the mind-body-only approach limits a person's ability to attain higher levels of self-actualization, empowerment and transformation. 

Our Mission

SoulStrong's mission is to empower people to ignite their own innate knowingness, which we call intuition, and to live a truly aligned, intuition-directed life in all areas. We believe that healing, self-actualization, and the highest levels of wellness require intuition-centered steps. We also believe each person has the ability to learn to recognize this instinct, find balance, health and transformation within their own deep intuition and ability to hear their higher selves. 

Our Team 

Our team and teaching faculty is comprised of experts with unparalleled experience. We know it's impossible to be an expert in everything, so we have sought out the best in the specialities we offer to provide our students the highest quality, well-rounded education.

About Intuition Focused Therapy

About Intuition Focused Therapy® 

Intuition Focused Therapy® is the heart and soul of every certification training at SoulStrong.  IFT® is a 16 step process of learning intuition and a meditation method designed to ignite that deep intuitive wisdom within.  All practitioners learn these steps, and then learn to develop and build from this base framework in their specialized areas of practice.  
Intuition Focused Therapy® as a modality, is designed to powerfully embower our clients to become their own gurus, know their own answers, touch into the inner wisdom within to guide their paths, and create a much deeper transformation.  The most powerful healing stories encompass mind-body AND SOUL level therapies.  Intuition and integrative approaches are the way of the future.  IFT® teaches cutting-edge and effective methods for deeper embodiment, powerful intuition, the mind-body-soul interface and the SoulStrong meditation method.  Start learning with us today!

Join our Core Team at The SoulStrong Institute

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We absolutely love working with life-minded individuals, and those who seek to go deeper into how we can share the magic of intuition.

If you think you'll be a good fit for the Core Team at SoulStrong, send us a note to let us know you're interested.

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