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Day Five

Day 5 : Stillness in the GapThe SoulStrong Institute
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Learn Intuition and Embark into a career of healing

These are the certifications that we offer at The SoulStrong Institute.

Intuition Focused Therapy Coaching Certification


Our entry level certification to get you into your coaching career.

Embark on an intuition journey, and step into a life of coaching using intuition.

IFT Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


Our core teaching - subconscious healing that creates lasting change.

Deepen your ability to help others by learning how to use the subconscious for exponential healing

IFT Soul Journey Hypnotherapy Certification


Our most accelerated healing path for your clients.

Explore deeper subconscious work and learn to heal your clients through soul work.

Access deeper mind states to perfect your manifestation.


Your Soul Journey

"My soul journey path completely shifted my life and my priorities. I released old subconscious patterns, and stepped into a life of more freedom and daily inner peace that I cannot seem to shake. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to incredibly level up their life"

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