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Our signature program to take you to your dreams.


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Intuition Foundations









- $297 USD -


Intuition Foundations

Learn your intuition.

Purchase of this course gives you access to our introductory course to learn how to ignite your intuition.

This training will help you to understand your intuition, tune in more to your own needs, and it will help you to get a better connection to your body and mind.

This course is done completely online and at your own pace.

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Soul Journey

A journey to create your desires from the deepest soul space.



Experience soul journey therapy to deeply KNOW your Self, uncover your soul's desires and create the life you crave. 

Our master practitioners will progressively take you to deeper and deeper levels of your own subconscious source spaces to uncover your soul's desires.  This will change your entire experience of life, and your own magnetism to create your dreams.  

Manifestation will become automatic, rather than based in mental mind focus, searching or trying.   Once you have been taken through this process, your soul will call towards it, all that it is here to experience. 


Rapid transformation, new love, powerful starseed knowledge and deep freedom will unfold.  

Your soul-led life is waiting for you.

SoulStrong's 'Life Accelerating'  Program

Soul Journey

Your Soul Journey was created to help you hear the magic that's always been within you.

We guide you into the highest level subconscious spaces to discover your deep inner knowing - and to help you quiet the noise of your mind & outside world. 

Your greatest love, your heart's desires, deep inner peace, and freedom await.


A  three month journey

Your experience will be fully supported by your chosen Soul Journey practitioner. You'll be gifted with daily meditations and intuitive hypnotherapy sessions that will allow you to get into alpha states of mind for deep dream manifestation, gaining innate knowledge about your purpose, and experiencing your innate knowingness

The Path :

Month 1 -Experience intuitive opening. Your practitioner will help you remove blocks to your own intuition and healing.  Addressing blocking habits, self-sabotage to manifestation and forward momentum that you may not know you are doing.

This will include:
• 2 intuitive sessions &
• 2 hypnotherapy sessions
• 28 guided meditations 🎧
• 8 modules of intuitive homework to light up
your own intuition, to better guide your journey.

Month 2 - Experience hypnotherapy for releasing old traumas, patters and karmic baggage.  The soul wants to lighten and let go. 

This will include:
• 2 Inner child, & karmic hypnotherapy sessions
• 2 Intuitive sessions 
• 4 advanced guided hypnotherapy tracks 🎧


Month 3-4 - You are now ready for the highest levels of manifesting yoru dreams. Welcome to Soul Journey

This will include
• 3 Soul Journey (extended) Hypnotherapy sessions 
• 2 Intuitive sessions with homework
• 3 advanced hypnotherapy guided tracks 🎧


Can You Imagine?

Using the subconscious mind to discover incredible feelings of freedom and knowingness

Manifesting the life you were always meant to live.

Discovering your truest, deepest purpose.

Gaining innate, inner wellness and peace that lasts a lifetime.

Feeling the magic, and allowing it to take over your life and lead you to a more confident and grounded essense.

The Stars

What we have seen.

Journey Outcomes

Our clients have completely transformed their lives after completing the Soul Journey path. They have gone from a life of no direction, to a life of deeper understanding for themselves, and healing. Subconscious blocks come up and fade away, and they step into a more powerful and fulfilling life of wellness.

Our disclaimer.

HUGE life changes happen after the Soul Journey path. In as little as one month, people start viewing their values, priorities, and purpose with a completely different lens.

Once fully integrated, we see incredible change.  New relationships of great love, new deep powerful insight on where to go and what to change arises. 


A whole new resonance is created and begins to magnetize the experiences the person craves towards them.  Without mental mind blocks, self sabotage and contracted states of fear, there is limitless potential to manifest.

Why Your Soul Journey?

Soul Journey allows you to manifest your dreams

Via light alpha state hypnosis, we help you begin removing subconscious blocks to your path.  We help you light up your own deep source of wisdom, and the we will take you on a journey to uncover your heart and soul's deepest desires.

You gain an understanding for your true purpose

We have taken many clients and practitioners to this soul space, and each person receives insight on their soul's purpose and calling.  Not everyone is here to 'do' or 'build' the world.  Some souls are here to practice various virtues like patience.  Some souls are here to experience deep love.  Some are here to heal a very specific karmic pain.  Some are here to help the others with a specific lesson.  Purpose is deeper and richer than most people know. 

Dedicated Soul Journey Practitioner

You will have a dedicated Soul Journey practitioner who will be with you for your entire journey through your soul space. 

Practitioner upheld is better

There are other 'manifestation programs' and meditations on the market that allow self-guided healing.


However, we noticed that there are places within the journey that require an intuitive practitioner to hold open the therapeutic space and move clients through the journey past blocks and into deeper spaces.  This cannot be done alone. The human experience of healing and growth is such that when resistance comes up, having a healer alongside you will make all the difference. 

Access to the SoulStrong community

We have a beautiful community of intuitive healers, all learning these tools and methods and changing lives.


We share stories, support one another, and offer retreats and other spaces to gather, discuss and share updates as a collective. 

Are you so ready?

The Life-accelerating

Soul Journey
Do you have questions or want to discover more deeply if this is for you?
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